Thinking about getting a pump but worried about how it will look!

I had your concerns too when I went on the pump while in college. A few years ago I met my husband and it was never a big deal to him. He does try to help me with my diabetes which is good. I find that by being with the right people they won’t care about it and neither will you.


I am not a young lady anymore, but I was when I got my pump some 40 years ago. I worked in a field where appearance was important. Back then my pump was a bit larger than they are now and it was also a time when people carried “pagers.” You weren’t born then. People thought it was a pager and asked why it had an antenna. Of course, that was the infusion set. It was actually funny.

I spent some time worrying about all the things you are concerned about. Bottom line; if it does not bother you, it will not bother anyone who matters. The more nonchalant, accepting, you are about it; the less anyone will notice. Give your pump a name and if you need to make an adjustment just tell them it can get a bit cranky if you try to ignore it.

99.9% of the time I wear mine on my waist because I want it convenient for making adjustments. You will get creative for those few times when you want it concealed. The suggestions others have made really do work. None of that was available when I got my first pump. I was a newly wed and together we figured it out and it has never been a problem. Keep your sense of humor and you will do fine.

You are blessed to be able to take advantage of being a diabetic in a more enlightened age. I operated in the “dark ages” and have seen so many changes that I am grateful for. The pump changed my life and I would never go back.

Of course; I am 73 now but hope I have given you some encouragement. Go for it, and good luck.



Kristen says it best!

“If a guy is not interested in you because you are on a pump, then he’s not the right person anyway!”


11 years later?? LOL!

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I am so sorry! That is what getting old will do to you. I haven’t figured out the posted dates. Happy you took the plunge though.


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71 here. what plunge did I take?

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I fell for the old date posting before too!!!

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