Thinking of going back to a pump

Hi gang,

This is my first post on here...I don't get on very much but I'm looking for suggestions of a pump.

I was diagnosed about 5 years ago, and got on the Omnipod about 3 months after my diagnosis. I liked the pump, especially not having to take shots, but I never really liked the omnipod. The pods would easily fall off or get ripped off, if it got bumped it would cause me to bleed where the tube was inserted, and sometimes it even hurt and left bruises.

Anywho, I have been back on injections for about two years now and I just feel like I can't get my levels right on a regular basis and I am ready to give pumping another try. So! What suggestions do you all have for me? What pumps have you tried and loved? Which ones do you flat out not like one little bit?

Thanks in advance!!

-Cassie (:

Hi Cassie,

I am partial to Minimed/Medtronic because that's what I've always used.....18 years. I like the sleek infusion set against my doesn't poke out from my body too much. I also like that it has the CGM feature...which I hope to be getting soon.

We have several members that use so many types of pumps and I am willing to bet you will get a lot of replies with pros and cons. The bottom line is what works for you. The beauty of pumping's all about personal preference.

But, my favorite thing about pumping in general is the freedom I have. I am not tied to a clock when it comes to sleeping and eating. I can spend all day in bed if I want(that rarely happens in my hectic life) without having to eat at specific times. I can "splurge" and have something really unhealthy if I want and know that I just bolus a little more for it and I will be ok. My A1c's are in great range. I also have 3 beautiful kids.....and in my opinion, I believe it's because I chose pump therapy. I struggled with injections for the first half of my diabetes journey. Once moving to the pump, I nearly eliminated the stress of the injection roller coaster.

I hope this helped you and good luck


Ditto what Sarah said! I would also like to add that Medtronic has excellent customer service in addition to excellent product - at least in my experience.

I have the Animas Ping, which will be integrated with the Dexcom CGM upon FDA approval - don't know when that will be. I am really pleased with Animas. I also like Dexcom.4. It's accuracy is better rated than the Medtronic and although I have to have two devices with me. The dexcom doesn't have to be on my belt at all times and the sensors are for 7 days, not 3 like Medtronic. I am able to get 2+ weeks out of a sensor which I like cuz I am paying for my CGM out of pocket. In terms of the two devices question, I found some pump wist things as well as a pump cami so I can wear dresses.

Hi, just wanted to add, that medtronic sensors can now be used officially for 6 days. still one less than dex, but it has improved.
Not sure though on how long you can extend medtronic sensors.

Medtronics for me, but their CGM not a fan

T:slim for me with dexcom G4 CGM. Love both.

Cost is a big thing for me, which is why I was leaning toward the Medtronic because the CGM is built in...and I'm not sure how much my insurance will actually cover...would you wanna share how much the Dexcom is out of pocket?

Talk to dexcom, they can get an answer from your insurance and then let you know what the cost will be. Contact info is on their website.

The same goes for all the pump companies. Take a look at all of them before you decide. Look at basal and bolus infusion rates, reservoir size, how it calculates doses, how many programs can it have, how many time frames in a program, can you vary the I:C ratio, C.F. in each time segment, how does it do temp rates - just to mention a few things. Each pump is different I how if can be programmed so think about your own personal D and what you need your pump to do.

I'm lucky with my employer- they cover all things D 100%. Not looking forward to retirement as Medicare will not cover all my toys yet!

Maybe this can help:
just a pump comparison, no prices though

I will check in to those! Thanks everyone (:

So! What suggestions do you all have for me? What pumps have you tried and loved? Which ones do you flat out not like one little bit?
A dangerous question, to be sure :-)

There are those of us who are pod users that have had great success with it. However, if you had the sort of issues you describe, it's probably better to consider a tubed pump.

That said, the current pod is a completely re-designed, smaller and more compact unit -- 30% smaller. If the only issues you were having were adhesive problems and physically tearing it off now and then accidentally, those may be issues you can resolve with advice from other satisfied, successful users here -- if you wanted to give it another shot.

That site is pretty nifty, but hasn't been updated in a while! I can tell because it is describing the Omnipod's old features. ;)
I hope you find a pump that works for you! good luck :)