Researching pumps.. please help :)

Hello, I have type I and was diagnosed a couple years ago. At first my A1C was 13...I got it down to 7...and now I'm back up to 9... I take shots. I want to get on the pump but not sure which one. I wanted the omnipod but then read several bad reveiws on it... so now I'm not sure. Does anyone have a really good pump that they just love and recommend?? Thank you in advance...

I love and recommend my Medtronic pump. I've earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and run > 4000 miles since 2010 with my pump! It's made diabetes less work which leaves more time for everything else. I didn't really think about the time I spent until I got the pump and was like "woah, now I know what's going on..." although I had no idea what I was doing until I got a pump. It's like having a secretary to keep track of stuff which, at least for me, was a HUGE improvement.

I think Omnipods are interesting. I am not enthused by the slap on design but a lot of people like them. Some of the issues with insertions can be addressed by standing up when you insert them and things like that but I don't usually follow those threads that much. If you think the omnipod is interesting for whatever reason, it's probably a good idea to explore both that and other pumps to see how to deal with them.

Way to go on the A1c improvement cmckee! I recommend Medtronic MiniMed. I've been pumping with their product(s) for a lot of years and have never been disappointed. Each new pump is better than the last, the customer services is outstanding and if there is any issue big or small with any of their product they are responsive, at least that has been my experience. I think you should try out or at least speak to the reps of all of the available products for you if possible.

I am also on the minimed. Excellent customer service. Web site is easy to reorder supplies.
I would love to be tubeless and use the omnipod, but I don’t have any of the issues I’ve seen on their group comments. I had an omnipod sent to me to try out and it fell off. The sticky came off the pod and stayed stuck to me. When I called the rep and explained it to her she sounded puzzled. So until they can fix their issues, I’m staying with my minimed.

I am afraid I am a Medtronic user as well. Now having said that. Really check with your doc. They may have a particular pump they suggest and that will always be a good choice. Medtronic was my docs favorite and I have had one for 10 years now.

I sincerely doubt you could go wrong with any of them. My friend recently got an omnipod and loves it. Others not so much. I think you could find supporters and detractors of every pump. My best advice is talk to your doc or CDE, they will have excellent suggestions. My second advice is I would get a Medtronic. but again that is just me.

Good luck and dont put too much stock into any of the suggestions. Trust me all pumps pretty much work and work well.


Another Medtronic user. They make a really good, sturdy, and user friendly pump. I've had mine for about a year and half now and just love it. I was kind of concerned at first about tubing, but really you learn to work around it and after a while you don't even notice it.

I demo'd the Omnipod, and just from the demo alone I did not like it. Thought it was to big and clunky. Plus the many stories of pod failures would make me leary of it. Sure any pump can experience a failure, but Omnipods seems notorious. Those who love them love them and swear by them though. But Medtronic really does make a very good pump, their customer service is wonderful, and they are great with working with your insurance company to get you approved and fast.

Good job on getting your A1C down! Well, i've actually tried both the MM Revel and Omnipod. I first got the Revel, and yes it is a very good pump - Medtronic is very reliable and I like their actual pump features a bit better (IOB, etc..). Animas is another one people like, it too is tubed and I think waterproof. I didn't like the tubing myself so within that year I was able to do a 'trade in' so to speak with I was fortunate I was covered for both pumps by my insurance. The NEW Pods are very small, about the size of a large strawberry and rarely fall off anymore. I slapped one on yesterday and just taped it down, they have bands to secure them as well. I actually have to use oil to get them off now. There are pros and cons to both, all. And maybe I'll go back to Revel, IDK. The Pod is pretty dang easy to get started on, fill it up and slap it on, that's about it, along with training, which even for that is very minimal.

Maybe make a list of what's important to you in terms of a pump and see if you can get a trial of the Pod and talk to your Endo too. Do you workout a lot, do you swim, are you going to need/want a CGM? Would tubing bother you. Do you have a lot of site areas to use, body fat, etc..

Also, my experience with all this is the pump is no panacea. I'm finding it very challenging and it's a lot of work and process. It takes a lot of dedication and testing and tweaking and patience, lots of supplies, etc...nothing is perfect...they all have 'issues' so one has to decide if pumping is actually the way to go. But it does take work. Most people LOVE their pumps, I'm still on 'the fence'. Ha!

Good luck!

Omnipod user here. Been using it for going on three years now. Once I got over the learning curve, it was smooth sailing. If you want to give the pod a try, don't let the naysayers sway you. Try it for yourself. There are plenty of satisfied users.

I love my OmniPod. Have had it for about 4 years, and yea there are all sorts of things that come up - it requires maintenance. But what pump system wouldn't? I've never had any other type of pump but I can't imagine why anyoe would put up with unnecessary tubes and things placed on the body. My A1Cs are pretty much in the 7s.

I don't check this site often so if you want more info eMail me at

Another OmniPod user here. I don’t have experience with another pump but I have to say that until I start wearing clothes with waistbands every day of my life, I won’t be going with a tubed option. For me, it’s the key to my choice of pump.

A consideration would definitely be insulin cost because, should you have a pod failure, that insulin is lost unless and until you master the art of withdrawal.

Goood luck!

Oh, and another thing … automatic insertion! I have a hard enough time with finger-sticks and don’t think I’d so well with putting that needle in my gut.

I'm an omnipod user for 2.5 years and love it! I think there are pros and cons to each pump and am thankful that I live in a time and place that I have options. I'd say that if the pod interests you, to check it out. Yes, some have had issues. But I know that there are thousands of us who love it and wouldn't choose to switch to another pump. Good luck in finding what works for you :)

I personally would go with animas ping when I can get a pump but there are a lot of people who love the pods as well. You can request demo pods for the newer smaller omnipod as well to see if you like it. If you contact omnipod I'm sure they'd send you the demo pods as well as an info package. And if you contact minimed and animas etc they'd all send you info on their pumps as well as samples of infusion sets if you ask for them.

I love my Omnipod.