Thinking of starting a local support group

My pharmacist has a review policy for patients who use his services and I went along today to see him. If anything comes up in these discussions, he can and does feed back to the doctors. In my case, I’m taking 2 tablets for blood pressure, where I could have a single one of double dose and slow release. the double dose ones were hard to get for a while, which is why I have 2 the same each morning…That’s going back to my doctor.
While I was there, I asked if he thought a support group for diabetics might be welcome. He thinks it might and is willing to put up a notice. I’m just thinking of getting together over coffee every so often and passing on tips.
what do you guys think?

That is wonderful, that is all it itakes is one small step to make such an impact on others. You get educated as well as others. I are behind your endeavor 100%. Good luck and keep us posted.,Jeff

the opportunity to meet other diabetics and not feel alone is a powerful one. you’ll find it is one of the best things you have ever done.

I’m worried about how much time I’ll have to commit to administration. perhaps I’ll find someone else to pick it up. I already do a little volunteering with people with learning difficulties and my grandchild is due any minute… I am working on a poster for the pharmacy though.