Third Covid Shot Availability in US

There are plans to announce this week that the third shot will be available for all.
It is recommended to get it 8mos after the 2nd shot. Healthcare staff and elderly first.

They just announced. They say we all need one. They will start to administer next month.


Well it looks like the over 65 crowd, those with most at risk illnesses, healthcare workers , teachers will be the first to get the booster shots from Pfizer. I am hopeful. I may get mine at CVS so I can get it quickly. I wonder if it is the same as the other 2 doses.

I believe they are the same thing. The difference is how it is used.

Vaccine- build immunity

Booster - is to wake up waning immunity

With me being 55 and T1 for 40 years, my question is whether T1 will count as a serious enough risk to the FDA, to allow me to get a booster.

I remember in initial vaccination rollout I lied and answered “yes” to T2 question, because at that point T1 wasn’t good enough. (Of course just a few weeks later everyone could get vaccine).

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Got my booster at CVS two weeks ago at the beginning of Sept.

No questions asked, just showed my previous vaccine card (just at the 6months).

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