Third Shot?

The local government is recommending a third shot of the same Pfizer vaccine for all elderly.

I can find NO relevant or almost relevant information using my usual PubMed and Google Scholar searches.

As you guys can guess, I also have metabolic syndrome including Type 2, as well as endless vague background inflammation, hypothyroidism, various other endocrine abnormalities, etc., etc. The Female is just elderly.

Any ideas? Thoughts?

Here’s one article.

I would definitely get 3rd shot, particularly due to flying soon, and airline ending mask requirement on flights.

I would also like to get a third shot, especially since I’ll be doing some traveling. But, I don’t know how or where to get one, as they are not yet recommending them and I don’t think they’re giving them out to people who’ve already had two shots.

I believe I heard Pfizer is going to present information for a third shot pretty soon. I had heard early August. But I don’t think the US is recommending it yet. They probably will soon as they are trying to fast track the approval of it’s vaccine status. They might be waiting for that. But I bet we hear more pretty soon. UK is going to start giving it to some people.

Some immune comprised people are already getting a third “unapproved” shot and I know one of my doctors is thinking of sneaking a third shot because Delta is so out of control.

@MapleSugar , Google this string of letters and look for the ‘Committee’ recommendations. This is the international consortium of agencies responsible for our well being. Summary is we may be in for a “mask up, lock down” and booster. The mask up lock down may be as short as 6 weeks and as long as 6 months and will need to be a global action.

The search string is “SRC VB VECTOR” The site is:

Here you will find your answer.

They are not giving out the third shot yet in PA. I would get it. School starts soon and I want all the protection I can get. Is the third shot the same as the first two?


That’s the way it sounds to me. For example , if you read the language of : Pfizer says 2021 COVID-19 vaccine sales to top $33.5 bln, sees need for boosters | Reuters

I read that the booster shot should be from a different source in order to be most effective.
“Mixing it up” would be okay with me, but we didn’t get to choose our first two – from Pfizer.
Do you think we will get to choose where the third one comes from? I’d probably request Moderna, but haven’t heard what they’re doing about it…

I had the choice of all 3, but I really didn’t know anything about them except JnJ was less effective so I got moderna

Well, I wanted Moderna because of the extra week between shots, but all they had the day I was at the clinic was the Pfizer. So I had to take it or leave it. Seems like only yesterday, and now we have to think about going back again. Could not be more tired of all this… At least we’ve perfected the art of grocery and restaurant delivery. But starting to feel like hermits. LOL I think the worst thing is having to wear masks again. I find them so irritating, but they’re required in certain places like doctor’s and dentist’s offices, even though they’re supposedly not effective.
Mind if I ask where you went for your vaccine that you were able to choose which one you wanted?

I went to the hospital my endo is associated with. I had no choice. I asked which vaccine did they have and they said Pfizer and I said ok.
This was in February. I was happy to get it. I may have left if they said J&J. I do not know. Hindsight is 20/20.
It has been 6mos since I completed my 2nd shot and probably longer for many healthcare workers. I hope we can get booster shots soon.

I am a Kaiser Permanente member. I got my vaccine just before it went public for everyone. I couldn’t get an appointment at any of the mass sites, but when I called Kaiser, they told me to come in that same day.

They had converted the parking garage into a vaccination clinic.
There were 3 lanes. One for each vaccine.
I just picked one, and they made me say I was sure which one I wanted. Then I just got it.
I have an iodine allergy and as it turns out moderna is least likely to cause an allergic reaction.

I didn’t have any issues besides the usual sore arm and tiredness.

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Well, I got my third one.

My HMO now has in principle Pfizer and Moderna. As usual, their local computer broke down in the middle of logging me in, but they decided to give me Pfizer, since the guy working there said that everyone who was signed up for a third shot had had two Pfizer shots, and according to their rules the third one also has to be Pfizer.

I have no opinion one way or the other. We’ll see what happens with the fourth shot, and the fourteenth.


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I hope they are reformulating these vaccines, the way flu vaccines are reformulated with each new variant.
Otherwise the third shot isn’t going to offer too much protection.
I do like the idea of going with a different third shot because they are not exactly the same.

Back when vaccines were new, they were randomly giving shots in the UK, so some people got different vaccines for the initial 2

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Looks like I will get a third shot when it becomes available. Wearing a mask in the few places I go inside. Not going to a conference. I do wear a mask at the Y. Keep safe everyone. Nancy50


I went on cvs. com. They asked if I had weekend immune system n mentioned Aids n Cancer. I have weakened immune system from cancer but they didn’t ask anyone anything. Just your insur info

I signed up online for Tuesday and made appt the previous Friday. I went to a target that has a cvs in it. I gave them my vaccine card to show I had the other 2 and they asked no one questions. People were just walking in asking for the booster.

CVS gets paid and that’s really all they care about. I had to enter my Medicare plan, supplemental plan and pharmacy card.

If you feel you need the booster just enroll on cvs, bring your vaccine card n enter insurance info while making appointment. Go get it. But it’s just Phizer right now. If you got Moderna or JJ you will have to wait for those boosters.

They are not verifying anything, you just make appt n go.

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