Third Trimester Pregnancy and nasty, evil heartburn

I am currently 32 weeks and counting until my little boy or girl- its a surprise, finally comes. My husband, kids and i are so very excited. :blush: My pregnancy, for the most part is going well. A1c has been 5.7 pretty much throughout the whole pregnancy, baby is right on target for weight and measurements. I am going to weekly appointments and going twice a week for NSTs to monitor baby’s activity.

The only thing that is really killing me and making things totally unbearable besides the extra weight, is the heartburn. Oh its so evil, i think it won’t show its face or its gone and then it comes back around to snake its ugly head and debilitate me. I have 3 wonderful kids and a very supportive and helpful husband. I don’t like sleeping on the couch but I have to in order to sleep sitting up straight at night. This is my very last pregnancy. So i’m done making babies after this but this pain is worse than contractions at times. I’m taking 2-20 mg pills of pepcid a day and drinking maylox like its milk. :mask:
The heartburn has gotten worse with each pregnancy. I know what its from, its my stomach getting moved up from the baby. I NEVER have heartburn outside of pregnancy. So I’m going to throw a heartburn going away party after my sweet baby is born and eat with relief finally.

I usually like natural remedies to things/issues/pain if it really works. Anyone have any good natural remedies for horrible, life draining, heart attack symptom heartburn? I won’t stop taking my pepcid and maylox yet, but I would like to incorporate some veggies that might work or other natural remedies if they are worth a shot. An added issue to all this is that when the heartburn is really bad, my BGs go up a little on the high side, i’m guessing from the stress its putting my body through.
Please help! :cry:


Sipping soda water sometimes helps.

I had heartburn only once with each of my 2 pregnancies. My ob/gyn told me to warm up some milk and that did the trick.

Now, 30 somethin’ years later I occasionally get heartburn. First time, I panicked, thinking it was a heart attack. Before I called 911 I went on Internet and they recommend chewing a stick of gum - friend had left some at my house. 5 to 10 minutes later all was well

Also try to keep seltzer in fridge which helps also.

Hoping your symptoms alleviate!

Try eating a stick of celery.

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I will try the celery, but I can’t eat celery by itself so I will eat it with cream cheese or something else.
Thanks :slightly_smiling:

I am so sorry to hear this. Heartburn symptoms can mimic heart attack symptoms and its so painful, especially for women with the jaw pain, back pain, etc. I really don’t wish it on anyone. Gum makes mine worse, warm milk doesn’t help but thanks for the suggestions though. :slightly_smiling: Seltzer water makes my heartburn worse. Not sure why. This is more chemistry than I usually get into with people but to counteract stomach acid there needs to be a base. I think to my body, seltzer water acts like acid on acid, it hurts and then doesn’t do a thing for me.
One thing that helps, its commiserating with all you ladies. :blush: