This drives me NUTS!

I know I complain ALOT about my medical providers, sometimes with good cause, and sometimes just to vent their lack of knowledge. This week I had my quarter diabetic check, and once again had to "play" the game of "Doc knows Best". I am not the best at schmoozing, but can if I have to.
My life has literally been turned upside down, and fast tracked into the "retirment" era. So I am telling my doc this, and the stress it is causing in our family, About our VERY stressful Christmas, when all the pipes burst between Dec 23 and 26....and she is telling me about some apartments that take dogs (I have one so far, and expecting a puppy this spring) and they are only 3 x our income. I'm thinking does this person NOT listen or what????? Can she not see that I am a Medicaid Patient, disabled and did I not tell her that my husband was laid off on Monday...where at 64 another position is probably not going to happen soon? How can I move into a new apartment for $1400 a month, plus living, plus paying for medications, plus living? It drove me nuts NOT to be heard...but as my mom taught me many years ago, sometimes it's better to be still, and allow people to go on,

So what drives you crazy? Get it off your chest....I'd love to know I am not the only one who has to put up with crazy people.

We are the ENOUGH! Movement, if we care to name ourselves. Those who have not had to sell plasma and blood to keep a minimalist roof over their head don't actually get it. There are many whom I love who empathize and help as they can.

But those in power have no idea. The burgeoning movement to address Income Inequality is very important. But it won't help dear ones like you because it will take time......

I trust you are checking into local food bank options. And there are many online secure sites now to help folks with special needs. I have donated to a TuD member who needed a pump, for instance, thru such a place....

Stillness can change the Universe. Breath and Be well.....Keep us posted.....

I completely understand. Even your closest friends and relatives will never understand what diabetes is like until they have lived with it. People try to give me advice all the time and it is completely worthless. This drives me up the wall. Like, “have you eaten bad today,is that why you’re feeling bad?” Or “well you’re not fat why do you have diabetes?” My boyfriend also does not understand why I become so mean when I’m frustrated with diabetes. When working so hard to take care of yourself to no avail makes it hard to not get angry. I wish I didn’t take it out on others. I am overwhelmed it seems. I’m praying tomorrow is a good day. Thank you for the post, I needed to vent. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear of your troubles--which sound VERY stressful. It is nice to have a doctor who listens & interacts appropriately--this describes my new PCP. I know how fortunate I am to have found her.
But remember that many docs are on really tight schedules. She may not have the time to do much more than deal with your immediate health issues. Does she do that well? If so, that's enough.
Good luck with everything! (Maybe reach out to local agencies that assist seniors?)

sdkate - are you having fun again?

Fun?? Define Fun jims :).....I have fun in my life, and do much to make sure the stressors don't win.....I just tend to get irrate when people who have no clue or very little information think they know everything. This time it is about me.....and when I can't get answers....well you know ---- it's a cause

Blessings sdkate. Glad to see you are out there in full form. I share your sentiments completely. I was being a wise guy to see how alive and sharp
you are! I was passing the broom handle pass the snapping turtle's jaws to see if he/she was awake and kicking!

Apologies and best wishes for a great day!

I had a doctor cast my foot for Charcot and tell me to stay home from work for 6 months. I asked, "Do you mean stay off the foot for 6 months? Because I can do that best in a wheelchair at work." He said, "No, stay home and let other people take care of the chores."

There are no other people at my house. I couldn't survive without a paycheck. I tried to explain this, to no avail. When he left the room, the nurse just shook her head. "He makes a ton of money and he has a wife at home to do all the work."

A recurring thing that makes me crazy is when I go for a blood test. They invariably say, "I can't find your veins," with a disgusted look, as if I'm hiding my veins on purpose. I used to feel guilty about that. Now I say, "Then find someone who can."

Cluelessness does run rampant in our narcissistic age. Pacifist that I am, some of these folks make me want to whack them upside the head....Love your response to the blood sucker, Jan. Hope to remember it to use myself--thanks!

No need to apologize jims. I appreciate a good come back as well as the next smart ass. And over the years, I think we could have a nice cup of coffee, tea or a beer, and have a great time chatting:) If you can't take it don't dish it out~

A drink on me and I raise my glass to honor your spunk and spirit
sdkate. All the best battling the knuckle heads.

Judith in Portland:

I agree Judith - I believe you are on to something here!

Beautiful, I'm writing this one down.....could use it myself