Someone annoyed me with something they said

I haven’t been able to spend much time on social sites lately but tonight my FIL said something that irked me and I need to rant to someone that will understand my frustration!
My FIL said that his co worker was now a full fledged diabetic. I asked what he meant by that and he answered that the guy was now on insulin. What so just cause I don’t take insulin I’m not really a diabetic? ARGH I am so annoyed by this. Just cause My diabetes is managed by meds and not insulin doesn’t mean I’m not a diabetic. He and my husband have never even tried to understand what type 2 diabetes is even with the reading I’ve given them. It really ticks me off. I was diagnosed in 2012 and they still don’t get it. OOOOOOOO I’m fuming. Even when I’ve told them my next step might be insulin. I guess going on insulin will be what it takes for them to accept my diabetes.
OK done my rant. THanks for listening.

It is all about education. I would bring my husband to a diabetes class for new diabetics with you . Have you attended one? Knowledge is power. Attend an Expo or other event if possible. My husband goes to my endo appointment with me. It not only gives me someone else to follow instructions but he understand what is going on. Good luck Nancy

thank no I haven’t gone to a class. most of them are offered during the day and we both work. I’m hoping he’ll come to my appointment in Sept with me. I do see an endo yet. but my reg doc has been on maternity leave for the past year. I’ve been seen by the LPN that runs the diabetes clinic but she only reviewed my meds, looked at my blood work and asked me how I was feeling. Just enough to get by I guess. Sept I will see my doc for first time in a year and she’ll make the decisions of what to do next. I am under control/fairly steady numbers right now but on the higher side of things. Either way it is frustrating when family belittles Diabetes.

Oh Nancy
I think you should just smile and be proud that even though you carry a membership card in our club someone wants to view you as less than "fully qualified". That speaks volumes to me about the speaker - AND about you as well, but the reflections on you are POSITIVE!

I ignored my doc's advice, rationalizing for several years that his adjustments to my meds got my A1c down some in spite of my lack of action so I didn't need to make any effort. Ultimately I was "promoted" to insulin use before every meal and before going to bed at night. Fortunately that got me to begin paying attention and after a year I had lost 40-pounds, changed my eating habits and have now for the past couple of years been "demoted" to just metformin, no longer an insulin user.

After about 3 good A1c results, in the 5.7-5.9 range, my doc told me the results contained good news and bad news:
The good news was there was a good chance I'd live longer.
The bad news was that he'd have to deal with me longer that he originally thought and I'd probably now get to deal with health issues the medical community is not nearly as able to deal with.

My Mom used to say "the good Lord looks after puppy-dogs and fools", then she'd smile and since I only have two legs it's obvious which category I fall into. I've been told that my "success" is certainly a result of my actions, but genetics also plays a role in the results as well. That tells me that tells me that while I can be proud of the results of my conduct, I must also thank my parents for the genetics they passed on to me.

Keep up the good work girl, you must be doing something right!
In my case, the need to begin using insulin was what it took to get me to pay attention.
My doc's Diabetes Support Team, headed by a GREAT RN who has an alphabet-soup list of initials after her name, provided the information I needed to understand my role in the game. Today I take my numbers to every appointment and we discuss far more than just A1c results. I track carb-intake by meal and my glucose measurement/test-results by meal, weight and exercise, plus BP and pulse. I now view the Diabetes Support Team, AND my doc, as my staff because I'm The Boss and results lie in my hands. I'm finding that a single glucose-test per day is hard to adjust to because the 3-4 glucose tests per day gave me a much better view of what's going on-probably, 'cause this old-dog isn't very good at accepting changge :-)