This is driving me crazy

I am 18 years old and have type 1 diabetes, Diabetes got so much easier when I started pumping (the Omnipod) but the being worried all the time is never gonna go away, I am 90% of the time always thinking about my numbers, I feel bad for my gf and the people around me because its not fair for them. I just want to be normal but at the same time on top of my diabetes, Diabetes takes such a toll on my life, and I want to be good at it without it taking over my life. any advice?

Well, im not on the pump but the only thing i can tell u its just try to relax. Try to be that normal person you want to be but not to the extreme and start eating all you want like have fun. I’ve had diabetes for almost 20 years. I’m 20 now and i also had that feeling of worrying too much bout my numbers. Just talk to someone in your family even your gf, and trust me they would understan and they would help you out through it.

Dear Kenny. Welcome to the club. Diabetes is all out war. It does demand all your attention. People that you associate with will have to accept that fact. You are young and now that G. Bush and gang is toast there may be a cure in the distant future then you can resume a non-chalant life.

Understand how you feel. My husband constantly worries about me & it saddens me that he’s afraid something terrible will happen. To be honest, it also drives me crazy being asked all the time how I feel & what my numbers are.

No, not fair to our loved ones & not fair to us either.

I want to be normal–who here wouldn’t? It’s a burden & we never get a day off–ever. First thing we do in the morning & the last thing we do at night & all the hours in between.

Don’t know that I have any words of wisdom. I try not to let D take over my life. It’s part of who I am now, but not all of who I am. It’s a real struggle to be careful & self-monitoring & not become obsessed & ridiculously self-involved. I do as many things as possible that take me outside myself when I’m feeling that toll. Different for everyone, but I garden, take hikes, paint, read & listen to music. Spending time with my animals reminds me to live in the moment & to take joy where I can. In my head I keep a list of what & who I’m grateful for. No matter how crappy I’m feeling, I look for one beautiful thing every day. Yea, sounds corny, but it helps me to realize there are larger things in the world & more important things in the world than numbers, shots & testing.

Kenny -

Live Life Urgently

Focus on that.Write it down. Read it every day. You’ll manage your D and all of the other things certain to come your way.

Live Life Urgently

Ooo, I love that. Thanks for sharing.

Hey Kenny,
I want to tell you what I am grateful for. It is YOU. I am sorry you are diabetic, but if you weren’t would you be talking to me? Would you love all these people in our family? Would you go out of your way to help out someone else who was scared or needed an encouraging word? I have SO enjoyed talking to you. You make me smile, You give me courage, You give me hope for the future. I love the teasing way you have of communicating. You are FUN and so COOL. Unfortunately there are not a lot of young guys that I think can fill that bill like you can. I know it is so hard to get from day to day with all the stuff we have to do all the time and everyone checking on us all the time and watching everything we do. But i am a better person for it and can think more about others because we are all in the same boat. I understand where you are comng from but I am so glad you are with me. I am sorry if that seems selfish, but you give me comfort just by being there.
Enjoy today Kenny. Whatever you have for today may it give you peace and joy. Tomorrow doesn’t belong to any of us yet. Happy Christmas Eve. May you have a beautiful holiday filled with warmth and love. Love and hugs to you my friend. You make a difference in my life