This is me

Where to begin... well I have had diabetes since I was eleven and had a million and one things already on my plate I was being bullied, i had eating issues, I didn't like myself and as most of you know it is not the most enjoyable transition to make in life. I Know that there are worse stories out there and I'm most deffinelty not looking for any kind of sympathy or empathy, I guess am just looking for somewhere to vent or to find others like me. I have had and still have many problems with my diabetes, Don't get me wrong I have an amazing support system in my life but it's family and some things you just can't talk about with family with out being judged ( maybe judged isn't the right word) but somethings they just don't understand no matter how hard I try or they try to understand, man oh man I feel completely alone and I know am not the only one out there but I have no one to talk to. Which is why I thought that maybe this site might be able to help me with some of the problems that I am going through maybe some of you have experienced the same things and can help me thorugh them ... Thanks for reading

Im not sure that I can help but I can relate to what you go through. Ive been a diabetic since the age of 6, 31 years later and I still have issues with even admitting it and yet here I am. Im new here and so far I like this place, ive been able to vent a few things here and have received great feed back, im sure it will be the same for you, come vent Ill listen.

Oh boy I can relate to u but it's been 38 years for me. I took Type 1 at 10 back in 73. Come to my page anytime u want. Sending u a FR. Your not alone now. Your home with all kinda of Type 1, Type 1.5's and Type 2 here. WELCOME!!!

Hi "Me"! :) Nice to meet you. As Diabetics(espcially growing up with it), we may not experience all the same things but can usually relate to others. I wasn't bullied because of D but I Really had no one to talk to about it either. My 2 Brothers had it also but we never talked about it as we were growing up. Not sure why. We had no other Friends or Relatives with Diabetes, for many years. So it was scary and frustrating for us sometimes.

Anyways, Welcome Mugz! Feel free to ask questions and to comment. There are lots of Good People to talk to here and who will probably be able to answer your questions.

Hi you. Welcome to the site! Don't remember who i'm stealing this from, but we're sorry to see you join us! But now that you're here, kick yer shoes off and relax, we're the family you've always known were around, but never knew where! To be sure, a few of us are nuts, but we freely admit it! I was a late bloomer, dx mid 30's, almost 40 now, so i'm still learning how much this stupid disease sucks. I can relate on the family support thing, my other half still insists i got D from eating too many cakes and drinking sodas. I could fill a blog with the stupid things she says, sigh. I mean, she cares, in her own way, but she just doesn't get it, and i doubt she ever will. So until I found this site, i had no where i could go to talk either, it was a crazy time and it took me some dark places, but i'm here now. Chuggin along. weee! All aboard! Keep arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Not responsible for lost pocket change...