Just my opinion

I have read so many blogs and posts about how ppl are getting used to living with anytype of diabetes, to me it’s just 2nd nature. I was 10 when I got D and have always lived the “diabetic food lifesytle” Even when my girls were little I cooked that way so when my oldest found out she was a Type 1 at 11 we just kept doing the samething we had always done. Eating right, exersising and such. Don’t get me wrong I understand that it’s a BIG change to your life but now we can test at home. A surprise for sure to all ppl. I just want everyone to understand YOU TOO CAN DO THIS! I know sometimes it seems like there’s no bottom that you can see but it’s there always. This site has helped my in many ways. The main thing it done for me was it helped me understand more about Type 1.5 and Type 2. I thank Manny & Company for setting up this site so we could help each other when we see that bottemless pit. The support here is beyod great. It’s totally a world I didn’t know excisted. As a child growing up (you feel all alone anyway) with Type 1 you really feel alone in a small town and a small school and you being the only one in both with diabetes. I WISH this was here when I was small but it’s here now and we can talk to eachother about our fears, expatitaions, and when we feel down there’s always someone here that gives you an encouring word. THANK YOU TuD!!!

Thank You Doris…you set a very good example of compassion and kindness. Of COURSE we can do it :slight_smile: xo

I just hope I do b/c sometimes it seems like its more than a “normal” person can handel. That daughter I was talking aboout that got Type 1? She was born missing her left hand. I know after watching her become a CNA in a nursing home with only 1 hand and diabetes. I CAN CONCER ANYTHING! She has helped her mom sooooo much