This made me laugh


lol. buckin frilliant!

I love it

no doubt! I love it too!

OK …that is just way too funny!! Thanks for sharing Angela

Thats really the best looking duck i ever did see.

LOL! Thanks for that! I need a laugh today :slight_smile:

This is great !!!
Like your writing style too… made me smile…
Take care…
and don’t forget to take some glucose tabs with you when you go tanning…

indeed its funny! have one big grin on my face.

I didn’t get it either till I read Dino’s comment. My daughter makes T-shirts for me and this will make a good one.

Okay, that brought a big smile to my face. Thank you!

David, it also took me a while to get it and it was Dino’s comment too that helped me figure out what it meant! :slight_smile:

Wow, delayed much? I was reading and adding the #duckfiabetes hashtag in Twitter from yesterday … One year later :smiley: What can I say? Hadn’t seen it and I’m slow.


That’s great!!!

I saw this on a T-shirt!

just got what that said very funny

Love this!

I’ve been seeing this graphic every time I visit the site and its stuck in my head. It captures how I feel about being PWD but takes the edge of it in a good way. Thanks!

I LOVE it. I’ve seen college shirts like this before but never a D one :slight_smile: