10yo boy, getting a ~bump~ before midnight?

Looking for ideas…was talking with the parents of a boy I teach who has used a pump for several years. The past two months or so he’s been getting a strange bump, after he went to bed when they tested him just before they turned in for the night(ie (9-11pm)

The bump was/is a hundred points, sometimes 150, but rarely/never enough to take him to 300. They reviewed what he ate for dinner, his numbers earlier in the day, and the day before too. They asked him if he ate anything he hadn’t told them about, searched his room for “evidence” of ~cheating~… nothing found.

Its not a daily thing, just an odd pattern for a couple months in his BG that pops up they couldn’t easily pin down or account for. His food intake was a lite or relatively normal carb load, but no meaningful fat anywhere in the picture. There were no lows, or exercise induced bounces…

This weird bounce does not exist at midnight, nor middle of the night. Pre breakfast readings are textbook perfect. Their current thinking is normal growth horemones (he is growing) are the cause for them.

Curious what do other pumpers think… this a plausible reason for a very narrow time frame bump that has no other detectable causes?


so they tested his bs 9 and it’s high - are you saying they correct for the spike? Then the next AM is perfect? And it only happens once in a while… I don’t care if they ruled it out, it sounds like a snack to me. a 10 year old is both smarter than me and faster than me and is infinitely more sneaky than me.

I am not a pumper, but I have a girl who has a TON of hormones. Anything affects it, that time of the month we play ping pong right before it. It might be growing or like PP said he is probably eating a snack and not saying so. That happens to us too.

Hello Joe, yup they correct for them, but try and pin it down afterwards of course… A couple days at a time then nothing but always before they go to bed. Every three months or so. A day, two then nothing. Every couple months.

I too like the sneak factor but the parents feel confidant and he likes being in control! The boy doesn’t care it’s just dial-up and eats whatever he wants… thought I’d ask the pump elders, see if the theory made any sense re: normal horemones, his growth as a potential cause?