Having nightime spikes

I just increased my daughter's insulin at night. She was going low for the longest time. I check her at around 10:00 and my husband will check about 12:00 or 1:00. She used to be normal around 10:00 and then at 12:00 she was low. Now all of a sudden she is apx 200 at 10:00 and I blus her and then when my husband checks she usually comes down but not always and occasionally needs a second dose. She is on the medtronic pump and I changed her basal rate to give her more insulin overnight the other day and last night she was 140 at 10:00 and 120 at 12:00. HOORAY! I think that it is finally working. Just exhausted is all. One thing that I have noticed is her face breaks out. She is only 7 and she has had several zits that I have had to pop I just don't get it. I don't want to use anything harsh on her face. She does tend to sweat a lot especially at night. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem. Thanks.

My son is 14 so a little more common for the occasional acne flare ups. I know its hard to resist, but I would avoid "popping zits". This can cause permanent scarring. Adolescent acne starts when the testosterone levels start to increase during puberty. Puberty can start as early as 7 years old so this could just be the start of puberty. Studies have taken place and acne is not a condition caused by diabetes. Benzoyl peroxide in a cream form applied at night on the effected areas is gentle and typically will do the job. Way to go on getting those night time numbers back to normal!!

She could just be growing as well. We always have nighttime highs when my son (now 11) is growing. Of course, you don't know that is the cause until much later, when their pants are suddenly too short :-)

LOL.....and they say that 3am is the peak time for growth hormones and testosterone to hit which why a lot of kids experience what is caused the dawn phenomenan.

Wow I did not know that. I was thinking that she was gonig through a growth spurt. Atleast it explains some of it. Just been a crazy few weeks.

glad you got things straightened out, tough work but i agree with everyone she is probably starting a growth spurt, typically more insulin is required overnight glad she is back on track and maybe you and the hubby can sleep in for a night, my son hates night time testing i swear he turns in to dr.jenkle/mr.hyde! so i adjust slowly and always check him if he is up to pee and awake! and try to keep him up later if i am questioning his pump failing until i'm sure he's settled out! he doesnt mind that as much but would honesty rather go to bed and not me woken up can you blame him i guess. hope things continue on an upslope for you holly. best, amy

I am lucky it doesn't seem to bother her when we check her at night. Sometimes she doesn't even know we are there. She is the kind of kid that falls right back to sleep.