Thrush, any easy child friendly treatments?

So....Naomi has been on antibiotics for 8.5 days due to an ear and sinus infection. For the past few days she's been having a hard time with her meals and at first I thought it was behavior resistance to the new foods (whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread etc...) but now I'm pretty confident this "pain" in her mouth she's complaining about is thrush. that I feel horrible about it how do I treat it without having to cancel her playdate and take her to the DR AGAIN? She's so tired of going to the doctor. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

We pair antibiotics with a probiotic now any time our children are on them. Alleviates the intestinal distress ABs can bring and we think it is also keeping yeast infections away. You can get them in capsules or powder, whichever your child prefers.

Thanks everyone for the comments/support, I really appreciate it! So our pediatrician called in an order for nystatin and I’ve picked it up. The documentation that came with it has a huge warning on it about how it can affect blood sugar levels and if you’re diabetic to really monitor extra closely. Do any of you know if this is true? I’m not going to give it to Naomi yet since I’m not sure about it and…because when she got home from school I checked her mouth and I don’t see a thing. I do think maybe she has it in her throat and that I just can’t see it but I don’t know for sure and tonight she ate just fine! Of course. Maybe it has flare ups day by day? Sometimes I feel like a hamster stuck in one of those balls that just roll around trying to figure all this out. :slight_smile:

Will acidophilus or probiotics do anything to her bg levels or can I go ahead and give her those without hesitation?

Thanks again!!!

I don’t know where you from, but Pink Honey works for thrush, I find it at Walgreen’s always use a clean wash cloth and moisten it with the honey and clean her mouth. For the pain Tylenol usually help’s.