Oral thrush

Anyone had oral thrush ? It’s common among diabetics I know. I’ve got it at the moment. Making me feel generally unwell also. How long does it take to clear up. I’ve started nystatin oral drops today.

Can’t say common. We have had it. Only good thing I can say is catching it earlier is much (MUCH MUCH MUCH) better than catching it later.

DEFINITELY not something you want to ignore and HOPE it goes away by itself.

Good Luck and I Hope it clears fast for you.

I did wonder about a connection with T1D but did not really get a straight answer from the Doc. I did probe the question a few times and different ways of asking. I was probably a PITA. Ultimately my lack of a clear and definitive answer was an answer in and of itself.

Thrush is a fungus which thrives on the excess sugar environment in a person with diabetes. It’s the same with all forms of fungus - athletes foot, jock itch, toenail fungus, vaginal yeast, tinea veriscolor. If you find yourself with a fungal infection, extra tight control will help you get rid of it all the quicker and keep it gone.

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Doc said quite a few of his diabetic patients get it. I believe I’ve got it early enough. Thought I was getting a cold with bad sore throat till I had a look and saw the lovely white throat :frowning:

Yes. Trying to keep sugars tight. Hard with gastroparesis though. I’m stressed and run down as it is which doesn’t help. Hope it clears soon as it makes you feel generally crappy anyway.

many times. It is more a by product of RA meds however.

How long does it take to clear up ?

sometimes a week, other times it can be a day or two. I suggest Mary’s Magic Mouthwash. Your dentist can prescribe it and it will sooth it right into submission.

Thanks :slight_smile: