Thursday Day 4 of Diabetic Blog Week!

Ten things I hate about you, Diabetes

1.I hate the emotional swings.

2.That you have hurt several of my relationships over the years.

3.Having to watch your sorry ■■■ day in and day out.

4.You have no concern for my needs.

5.I mean really how many people know their pharmacists middle name?

6.That I have to stay up after my bedtime to make sure my BG is stable after a late night reaction.

7.You have turned my fingers in to pin cushion.

8.I mean really do you always have to interrupt my plans.

9.I hate stopping for you.

10.Lastly, I hate that you are always messing with my mind.

Tomorrow I will blog about all the good things you (diabetes) have helped me with. Till then will you please back off a little.

Eliot LeBow LCSW Psychotherapist

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