Dblog week: ten things i hate about you!


  1. I hate pricking my fingers 6-8x a day, at minimum.

  2. I hate spending my days off in bed recovering from bg lows.

  3. I hate not being able to ride my Suzuki to work in the morning sometimes, because I’m too low.

  4. Every so often, I have the fear of gong to sleep, because I may not wake up from being too low.

  5. I hate carrying test kits, OJ, and a big ■■■ bag with me to the gym, and interrupting my workout to test my bg.

  6. I hate how people stare at me when I test my bg in public.

  7. I hate how ignorant people are about diabetes… but then again I was too, until three years ago.

  8. I hate getting into debates with people at public events about what food I can and cannot eat.

  9. I hate that no matter if I’m on tight control, and I do everything right, my numbers can still be crazy, and I don’t know why!

  10. I hate that it’s getting hard to remember how my life was before I got diabetes.