Thyroid Nervousness

So, I went to see my Endo yesterday with all my lab work. She said my thyroid results were borderline. So she had me go into the lab again today to double check everything just in case it was a fluke. She said if it comes back highish again, she will call me and go from there. I have been looking all over the net about different thyroid issues, and I am getting a little nervous. It seems thyroid issues can be fairly easy to take care of…but it’s the fact that something is going on in my body that we don’t know about yet.
Anywho, I was just wondering if anybody has been diagnosed with thyroid problems and how do you take care it?
Thanks alot,

I am going in for a thyroid scan on tues. and i’m a little nervous. I don’t know if it’s my mind tricking me, but i have felt a little lump on my throat since monday…i hope it’s just in my head. So I am going in at 10 on Tues for a pill then 5-6 hrs later I go in for a test. Then on Wed. I go back in for a 5 min test. If you happen to think of it during your week…please keep me in your prayers…we have no family history with thyroids…but we didn’t have any with diabetes either…thanks for your prayers!

the fact is that for a lot of type 1’s, the same process that destroys your beta cells and causes you to stop making insulin, can somtimes also destroy the thyroid producing cells in your body. The TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test is high because your body is trying to make thyroid, but you aren’t producing enough.

it took about a year for me to completely stop making thyroid. now I take a pill before bedtime and all is well. …if only diabetes were that easy =)

anyway sorry to hear about your troubles. To tell you the truth when I found out about my thyroid (after 29 years of type 1), it brought up a lot of emotional issues that were very much like being diagnosed with diabetes. Hope you are okay.

Dear Joe.

What specific test(s) should be done to determine if you are actually producing enough thyroid. Is TSH only the messanger telling the body to produce but you wonder if in some cases there will be more than enough TSH yet not enough of the hormone. I feel extremely wiped out which is a sympton of absoulutely anything. Probably mostly poor sleep. Last night in bed I woke up because I felt freezing cold this can be a symptom of a starting low. But the blood sugar was 120 and even allowing for lousy meter accuracy it is nowhere near a low. But at other times I am drenched in sweat again a possible symptom of a low but I measured and it was not. Can poor temperature control be a symptom of thyroid deficiency or even excess? Yours thoughts would be really appreciated!

There is a free thyroid test, but it is harder to get a good reading then the THS. Typically if you have a very high TSH it means you do not have enough Thyroid. The thinking is TSH is you body calling for thyroid - TSH should only be above the normal range if you are not making enough thyroid. I take “synthroid” in larger and larger increments until my TSH falls back to the normal range. simple feedback.

I don’t have an answer - I was asymptomatic when I was diagnosed. I have heard others say it can effect everything from weight loss to body temperature and blood sugar control but I have no experience with it. If you are making excess thyroid they just kill it with radioactive iodine and then treat it the same as hypothyroid. good luck!

Thanks a lot Joe. I will show my Endo or maybe GP this conversation as it could be a problem. The Endo was helpful in finding the vitamin D deficiency.

I have been hypothyroid way before I was diabetic, i am also anemic, its all part of our lovely endocrine system, I just take a small pill every morning, and all is well in thyroid world, unless I forget to fill my script, then if I miss a couple days or week I start to feel crappy, good luck

Hi There,
I too was diagnosed Hypothyroid a bit before the Diabetes kicked in. Like the others say, it’s very easy to regulate: just pop a small pill once a day (or night) and you’re good to go!

thanks for the words! very encouraging =)