For the past year I have been treated for Type 2 Diabetes because none of the four doctors I went to bothered to do the cpeptide test. So…today I was diagnosed as Type 1. I was also told I have an overactive thyroid. I have read that Hyperthyroidism can actually cause your blood sugar to rise. Could it be that I just have Hyperthyroidism and not Diabtetes? I’m so confused!!!

If you have been diagnosed with Type 1, you have autoimmune attacks on your pancreas. Hyperthyroidism is also an autoimmune disease. Many people have more than one autoimmune condition, but it is unlikely that your high blood sugar is caused solely by the hyperthyroid.

Thanks Libby. I’ve been trying to find information on the internet about all of this and it’s just so confusing! My doctor couldn’t really explain things very well. He said my TSH was 1.3? what does that even mean? I’ve also read about Type 1.5 and LADA…wonder if that is what I could have instead of Type 1. Isn’t Type 1 the complete absence of insulin? Sorry for sounding so stupid about everything…but I really am!!

Hi, Michelle,
I am a bit confused because a TSH of 1.3 is completely normal. You might want to check that out. Perhaps it was O.13? At your age, you do indeed have LADA. True Type 1 is something that happens in childhood. LADA stands for Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults. It generally progresses more slowly than juvenile onset. I was diagnosed nearly 3 years ago and I still have quite a bit of residual insulin production, though I have antibodies destroyingt my islet cells. I estimate I have lost about 40% function, judging by how high my BG goes after eating. I still have second phase insulin release, which means that my BG will go down by itself, but in the meantime I go above 200 mg/dl which can result in more damage to the beta cells. With LADA it is important to keep BG as normal as possible (80-120 is ideal) even after meals, in order to prolong the honeymoon. There is some thinking that you can preserve insulin production forever if you do this. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. True Type 1s usually have no insulin production at all at diagnosis. Type 1.5 or LADA have varying amounts. Many people lose all insulin production within 4 years but with great control, all bets are off. Are you taking any insulin at this point?