TIA what a surprise

Hi, thought I would start a new post. I apparently had a very small stroke yesterday. That is why I couldn’t talk, make sense of anything or even know what an insulin pen was or what to do with it. Why my husband had to call an ambulance.

Since I didn’t know what to do with an insulin pen for a few minutes all of my insulin has been taken from me at the hospital. I am not fighting them much because I am worn out. I am still in charge of dosing.

Tomorrow more tests to see why I can no longer ride my exercise bike for 10 miles a day. One can do everything right for years and still get hit. Internist says this could just as easily be genetic as from my 60 yrs of diabetes. At least the MRI of my brain looks great. Arteries in my neck are ok. No cancer so far. More tests tomorrow.

I was joking about the old lady thing, but am beginning to wonder.

Take care everybody.


It’s a small miracle that your TIA was significant enough to cause speech and thought impairment, and yet it’s faded as suddenly as it came on :pray:

I know you’re as tough and determined as anyone on this forum, and you’ll be tearing down the walls trying to get out in no time.

In a couple of years this will be nothing more than a bad memory

Get better soon


My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Wishing you the best.


Take a breather. Think of it as a free, hospital vacation, lol.

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Actually mohe, they are keeping me very busy. Then they wake me at least every 3 hrs and actually think i will be able to go back to sleep. Maybe some folks, but not this very lite sleeper. LOL I wonder why they have to take blood at 5:00 am?


Keep on going!!!


Yeah, that sounds like a hospital vacation, lol. Do they send around a delicious snack cart. Sometimes there’s a late night snack cart that comes to the ICU waiting rooms. Those are the good vacation guest accommodations.


I hope you are feeling better soon. :heart:


Thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband! You’ve been through the ringer lately!



Thanks for the update. I am truly concerned! I wish you well.


Sorry you’re having such a hard time! It really doesn’t matter if is the result of 60 years of diabetes or something else. You did the best you could for decades and if this is a result of your years of urine testing, taking such good care of yourself all these years probably has given you many quality years as a reward.

Take care,



Thinking of you and hoping for the best.

Looks like all I can do is try to get my cholesterol levels down. When I could exercise a couple of months ago my levels were all perfectly good for a non diabetic, and I was hoping that because my particle break down is very favorable to good health heart that I would be fine.

Now my LDL has recently climbed. Everyone at the hospital says to not eat bad fats. Well I haven’t for 3 yrs.

Now I am being told that I need to increase my good fats. About 15% of my plant based diet is good fats. Maybe I will add avocado and a few nuts. My HDH level isn’t bad but was higher when low carbing. My triglycerides have been low for about 15 yrs.

If anyone has any ideas for reducing cholesterol without statins, which I can’t take, or Zetia please let me know. All I see left is the injectable cholesterol medication.


Bless you , Marilyn. You are such a trooper and an inspiration to all. Hang in there

Oh thanks so much Yeagen.

Still at the hospital. Now they are saying that a TIA is just a possibility. I will get a heart monitor to see if my blood pressure is bottoming out and making the confusion and migraine happen.

The incident could also have been caused by a sudden very slow heartbeat.

I would take a pacemaker over a TIA event any day.

Life isn’t boring. One adventure after another.


Marilyn -

It’s ironic that hospitals don’t respect patient sleep as they attempt to heal us. Good sleep is restorative and healing. I think today’s hospital routines are fashioned more for the doctors, nurses, and other workers than for patient rest.

It seems like you’re faced with one mystery after another. I hope you and the doctors can figure out what’s troubling you. In the meantime, I wish you the best!


Wishing you a speedy recovery, Marilyn.

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I don’t find that unusual. My parents both have had essentially the same description of symptoms.