Tic Tacs? Do you Should You?

Tics Tacs single serving (1 piece) are 0.5 g carb each.
(100 % sugar in fact!).
Do you or dont you?

I am addicted to those things. I keep multiple boxes in my car of various flavors and i will eat at least 15 on the way home savouring one at a time. It does not effect my numbers dramatically so that is one things that I allow myself to eat without feeling bad

I actually researched this one once.
Conclusion I came to was Yes, we have to remember they are still sugars/carbs.
I think what got me to research this was that they may have put it in our mind that they were 'only 1 calorie??'
But, obviously, a few are OK.

think under 5g of total carbs and it doesn’t really count at least that’s what i tell myself