Tidepool Dexcom iCGM & Loop + Medtronic

I replaced the battery a couple months ago, as it was dreadfully inadequate. Generally, I have a good connection from xdrip, but there are times like yesterday that try my patience. I don’t want to buy a huge new phone-I like the size of the S7–otherwise I’d have already replaced it.

EDIT: Since I replaced the battery, it overheats and warns of an imminent shut-down, when used in direct sunlight on moderate days such as when it is in the low 80’s (or less). I don’t recall that happening with the original battery unless it was very hot outside. I may be forced to replace the phone but with the newer OS, I won’t be able to run a compatible version of xDrip that works with my Gear 2 watch. THAT will be a bummer as I’m quite used to seeing my CGM data on my watch.

I have a compatible charging cable in my car and charge my pump during the 30 minute commute to work :slight_smile:

Good points. I however went to open loop and then closed it using androidaps. There is also loop in your case. This means I have my phone and pump together. They communicate by bluetooth. I do frequently leave my phone or dont have it. The pump then falls back to its predefined programming etc. Also, The phone acts as a bridge as all the pump and cgm companies are proprietary. By using a phone you introduce a layer of vendor neutrality. Dexcom is an example as why the technology is so important. It is simply cost prohibitive for a lot of people and over priced if you dont have good insurance. Now you can use it libra or dex or newer technology not previously compatbile or cost effective with your pump. Soon some of these apps will be portable enough to move watches. Not yet though. Specific to battery, most loopers charge at night and are fine the whole day. Assuming you 3000mah or better you are fine even with long conference calls, lots of internet use etc. If you have lots running all the time this might be different.

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