Do you think Dexcom is worth it?

Hello! I was just diagnosed in September with T1. I am getting the Animas Ping pump this January and considering the Dexcom CGM… My endo recommended that I get both, but I would like to hear from people with it already, if you feel it is worth the effort and money? Also, the Ping and Dexcom don’t talk to each other or do they? I like the idea of the all in one mini med but I’ve read too many blogs about how painful and inaccurate it is. So please, any thoughts?

first of all, sorry to hear about your diagnosis. As for the dex, I’m a big fan. I have both the omnipod and the dex and they are awesome, especially if you are into sports. Highly recommend. Today Animas and Omnipod don’t talk to the dex, but its on the roadmap for sometime in the future in a newer model. Go get it, 100% worth the money and easy to use.

the dexcom is a must, i am sure you have been giving yourself shots since september, so it is easy to give yourself insulin…the pump is nicer and much more accurate, but knowing where your sugars are every 5 minutes and seeing the graph of which way they are going…IS PRICELESS…yes, THE DEXCOM IS NOT 100% ACCURATE…for example my sugar might be 110, when i prick with the meter(which is also has a +/- 10% variance)…and the Dexcom mighy say i am at 120 or 130 or 100 or 90…so in my experience the Dexcom is usually close about 85% of the time(even after swimming, or doing Bikram Yoga)…but being able to see the “trend” of where your sugars are going, is such great information,…if you are in a business meeting, or waiting on customers, or jogging for 90minutes…you dont want to stop and check your sugar every 15minutes to see what is going on…with the Dexcom, you just pull this little reciever(looks like a beeper0 out of your pocket and you see what is happening to your sugars…the tool is in my opinion more important than a pump, but i would definitely get both

I would definitely recommend getting both if your situation permits it. The information from the Dexcom is invaluable in terms of graphically demonstrating how your body responds to a variety of challenges - meals, specific foods, illness, exercise, stress, etc. It is NOT a substitute for a blood glucose meter and the values always need to be confirmed before they are acted upon, but it is a terrific indicator of trends.

It can also demonstrate whether you have, or are developing hypoglycemia unawareness. The two devices (Dexcom and pump) do not talk to each other, but Dexcom and Animas are working closely to develop an integrated unit, and it is hoped that it will be approved in the not too distant future - there is no more clarity on the timing than that. While the Minimed instrument does integrate the two functions, you are correct in that many people find the probe more painful because of its size, and the Minimed probe is only labeled for three day use, while the Dexcom probe is labeled for 7 (although many people use both of them for longer periods of time). I would definitely recommend using a CGM - you will learn a lot, and this is true whether you are a newly diagnosed or a long-time diabetic.

I use both a CGM and the Omnipod. I highly recommend using both. As others have said it really helps knowing every 5 minutes where your sugar is at but the trends are priceless. It is so nice to know what direction you bg is going so that you can deal with it if necessary.

Yes, Yes, Yes it is defiantly worth it. The feedback it provides is key in me controlling my diabetes. That coupled with my Pod makes life so much easier and manageable.

I know many new diabetics are starting on the pump almost from diagnosis. I think a CGMS should be mandatory from the start.

Oh cool, I’m glad you mentioned working out… Thanks for the info!

How do you like your Omnipod? Have you had other types of pumps before?

Thanks Bill! Are you on a pump? If so, what kind?

Thanks for the input! How do you like the Omnipod? Have you had other pumps before?

Wow! Are you sure you think it’s worth it Seth??? LOL… j/k Seth, you are third person on here using the Omnipod, what made you choose the pod option over the rest?

I’m guessing from the enthusiastic responses I am getting it is definitely worth it… I really do appreciate everyone’s input. There are so many choices out there and none of them are cheap, so I want to make sure I am making the right decision from the start.

I had done MDI for 15 years, I had friends on Pumps who told me how great they were and how much easier their life was. But I could not get past the Tube (I know people say it isn’t a big deal). I went DKA 2008 and started seeing an Endo for the first time in my life, she asked if I ever considered a Pump and again I said it wasn’t for me, but she had planted the bug. I was doing 6 - 8 shots a day and testing 8 - 10 times so I started doing my research and found the OmniPod, WOW just what I had always dreamed of, I ordered a sample and at my next appointment I told her I had a change of heart and wanted the Pod. Well she dropped the ball and I didn’t follow up so no Pod at that time. In the meantime I had discovered CGMs and wanted one of those too. Early this year I found a new Endo who got me hooked up with the Pod and Dex I should have done this years ago! I started the Dex 2 months before the Pod and that alone helped lower my BG dramatically. Add the Pod and my A1c is at a 15year low (January I am hoping for below 6)

It depends on what the “it” is that you are hoping to get out of the Dexcom. Accuracy is hit and miss. It can be extremely accurate for long stretches of time, then just as quickly become a random number generator. Sensors can work for well past 2 weeks, or you’ll have one crap out after a day. During intense exercise, when BGs are changing rapidly, it simpy can’t keep up, but the trend arrows are absolutely useful for telling you which way your BGs are headed so you can act accordingly.

Personally, I get a lot of use out of my Dexcom. Its capability is worth the 20% I have to pay out of pocket. It can be quirky, but after a few weeks of expereince troubleshooting, I find that the limitations and inconveniences are minimal.

I recommend the Dexcom over Medtronics. I first used Medtronic’s because i have their pump but i found that it isn’t accurate for me. I recently started using Dexcom and it is more accurate than Medtronic’s for me. It has waken me up to several lows in the middle of the night.

it’s the only pump that I’ve used, but my daughter who is also Type 1 has been using the ping for a while. The ping was great for the extra small doses you can put in there, but the pod is much easier to manage on a day to day basis. The wireless feature is great so I can leave behind the PDM when I ride/run and just monitor via the Dex. It’s a lot more flexible in sites (I use arms, legs, mid section, etc) and I think the software is better. I would like the pods to be smaller and for it to integrate into the dex, but both of those are coming.

Kaayle - I am on the Animas pump and I really like it. I am an endocrinologist and have had DM for about 30 years. I think the pump is really the most flexible way to manage one’s insulin needs regardless of what one does - it can help with exercise, holiday meals, illness stress, etc. - a CGM only makes it easier to understand what is going on. Which pump one uses is really a matter of personal preference - every one of them will help maintain “better” glycemia than repeated injections. Some people really like the Omnipod because it is tubeless. Others find it a little bulky. I like the Animas pump because of the remote One touch meter. Others do not like it because it only has a 2 ml cartridge. You will find that you can establish a series of different basal profiles that will address all of the different situations you will find yourself in, and the CGM will help you understand where your personal “hot spots” are. I noticed that in the past you have had issues with exercise and middle of the night lows. Being able to actually see how and when your BG dips will be very helpful to you. Talk with the representatives from the different pump companies and decide which one sounds like it will best suit you. Take the advice of the many friends you will make on TuDiabetes. Good luck!

Thanks so much for your input! I have been really pleased with the responses I have been getting… This site has proven to be wonderful!!!

I have the dex but not the pump. I say yes yes yes! I love my dex :)…What a lifesaver it has been so far

That is awesome! I don’t think the pod is for me because of clothing… it would be more difficult to hide than something with the tubing…

LOL… Amy you and Seth both are very enthusiastic about this… I love it! I’m glad to hear more positivity from people… Why no pump for you?