Time in range challenge

I just ruined 7 days of 100% time in range.
I was really trying to do it as long as I could.

Now I know my actual range is 55-160 but for the purpose of this challenge, I think we go by the standard 60-180.
Many of us have even tighter ranges so for you it will be easier.

Let’s see who can hold out the longest!

I have sugarmate which makes it easy, I think it’s also on the dexcom ap.

But even if you are on finger sticks, it will be fun, we just need to promise to accept what ever you post

You can do screenshots if you are proud of your success.

I hate when it goes sideways for something stupid

My all time best is 7 days, 4 hours and 31 min.

I’m going to restart as soon as this 185 goes back in range.

While we are at it, what’s your best time in range?


A couple times a month I have a single day, and once for 2 days! (That is 70-180)

Congratulations, Tim!!! I’ve NEVER had a 7 day TiR streak!! Most might have been 2 days. My TiR is 55-140. I do shoot for a 90+% TiR, and most days I do achieve that. I don’t think I can take the challenge, at least not now, as lately I’ve been having increased lows due to increased exercise. I typically run everyday but I’ve added biking as well which is causing extended lows. I haven’t quite gotten used to dosing for a long ride, making progress, but I don’t think I’ll be able to eliminate the lows, even if they are short lived. I won’t get a 100% TiR!!

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Well a challenge is a challenge because it’s difficult. And we’ll it’s good for us to try to stay in range.

My previous record was 4 days. When I’m in it, I am more aware of what I’m eating, counting and prebolusing.
Last week when I was 5 days in, I went for a little run to keep myself from going high.

I have a fantastic piece of technology, a hybrid closed loop pump and sensor, so I never go high or low at night.

On my previous pump, I never went a whole day in range. Usually it was both high and low a few times a day.

I’m 10 hours in right now


I totally agree with you!! Hybrid close loop systems are great! Okay, I will participate in the Challenge, but I don’t expect to do well, maybe 0 days of 100% TiR! Still it will inspirational to see how others do it! I’m on DIY Loop which has been fantastic in helping me maintain TiR, AND Standard Deviation < 20%, my goal! Yes, Loop is especially helpful for overnights!

So far, today I’m 3.2 hours in range. You can see I had a lot of roller coasting yesterday due to extended lows from exercise, then not treating properly or quickly enough. And this morning I took my usual .7U for FOFL but then didn’t experience FOFL!

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I blew it already by forgetting to bolus for breakfast. Gonna have to start again tomorrow. But in my typical fashion, I touch a toe just outside the line, and come back down. I’ll probably come in at 98% today. Thanks to Xdrip rounding, I’ve never seen it say 99%.

Was in a hurry this morning, and I’m a zombie before coffee. Usually I pre-bolus with my coffee, but my routine was off. Oh well.

I get 100% often, but my streaks aren’t usually long. My insulin needs very a lot with my inflammation, so I can be unpredictable. The good days have gotten easy to manage, but the rough ones are a true battle. I feel like my insulin is degrading faster in the pump during the recent heat wave, too. Or there’s a Dex restart with false highs. Or a million other things…


Whew, 7 days at 100% TIR! That’s impressive. I’ve had 100% for a day or two here and there, and I’m always ecstatic when I see it.

I’m at 85% for today so far…currently at 108, so maybe I should start this challenge right now!


Well I managed only 23 hours. I dropped to 58.
So back in it I’m already 9.5 hours


Yesterday was a washout for me. 94% TiR for last 24 hours per SugarMate. Doesn’t quite meet the challenge of 100% :frowning: I’m in 13.6 hours so far today. Haven’t run yet though!

When my Medtronic CGM is not active (waiting for a calibration or during the two hour plus start-up time after sensor change) it records that time as not in range so I have never been in range 100% of the time.

I’ve never hit 100% TIR for a full 24 hours. Interesting challenge, though. Good idea Tim. I’ll be following the post. Yesterdays full day of data looks to be around 70% TIR. I loose this game.

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There is nothing that could lure me into this competition. About 1 1/2 years ago I did that challenge for myself, first for 2 weeks and then extended for a full month where I was 100% TIR Day range 55-150 and night range of 55-130 and yes I have the Dexcom graphs to prove it, they are even posted somewhere in this forum. It was a total obsession where most every minute of my day and night was consumed following my CGM because I knew it could be done. At that time I decided that I never again would let diabetes management run my life so now totally content at 97% and don’t fret the occasional month like around Thanksgiving and Christmas to fall to 93% for the month with a standard deviation below 25.

There is a fine line between living a healthy life in good control and for us engineers the obsession to meet certain numbers. Life is good and I keep my Blood Glucose in good control, but totally refuse to strive for perfection, because that is not a life worth living.


That’s why I set the limits to 60-180.
I went over today. I made it 22 hours. I’m looking at a 98% right now.
For me it’s just about challenging myself. I know I can do it.
And the more I do it, the better off I am.

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I made it to 1700 today and only maintained a 90% TiR and 20% SD. Try again tomorrow!

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I’m at 99% so far today. I’ll reach 100 at dinner time.
That will be one day.
But my sugar is kind of rollercoaster. It’s not usually like that. At least I’m in range kinda.

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I noticed your time in range on T:Connect app screen, but mine wasn’t showing it. So just loaded latest version and see it. Cool!!!

I was wondering what app Tim was using! Thanks, @MM1 ! Very nice, clean display, and very nice smooth graph, Tim!

I am 98% TiR, 2% Low. I did 20 minutes of stretches an hour or so after dinner and that dipped me under 55 for 25 minutes. I don’t usually do stretches, just after dinner walks, so this drop was a surprise. Back at 82 now but I won’t reach 100%!

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But I hate the colors on graph, to me look like green on lighter green. I have some color blindness, so not sure if its better contrast for others. So I tend to have xDrip screen as my go to.

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I like this ap cause it also captures the insulin at the bottom.
But it only goes 24 hours.
Sugarmate doesn’t get insulin data but it goes back several days.

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Me, too!

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