Tired of diabetes

This past week I have gotten to the point where I want to rip out my infusion sets and throw my insulin pump in the trash. We are at 102 degrees here and our air conditioner is broke at the moment and my sites are itching so bad and my blood sugars are on a roller coaster and on top of that Aunt Flo decided to visit. I know this is just a phase, but normally I can bring myself out of them in a few days but this one doesn’t want to go away. I am fighting to keep my sugars in balance, which frustrates me. I am the type that gets mad if they are just 1 or 2 points over 120. And to top everything else I found out my gall bladder is on its way out and I have to have to have surgery a week from tomorrow to remove it. On the upside I talked my surgeon into letting me control my own blood sugars and allowing my insulin pump on me up until surgery and he said he will make sure a nurse puts it back on me after surgery. Last time I had surgery at this hospital they had no insulin orders on hand for me. I was so mad that I decided that WAS NEVER going to happen again. Just gotta get over this hump with my blood sugars right now and the fact I HATE diabetes at the moment. I have to remember I control the diabetes, diabetes doesn’t control me.

Cody I am sorry you are feeling this way and we all go through it. I am sorry you have to have gall bladder surgery but happy that you are now on the pump and will be in control that day. If you go ripping out your site you will lose this control feature. :wink:

Hang in there as I know the feeling you are going through, it is not fun and it seems to rear it’s ugly head when our bgs are all over the place.

Tired of diabetes as well.


Hang in there, Cody. You know that we all understand and you know that we all have been through it, and that we are here for you.
Good luck with your surgery.