Surgery today

Surgery went good. Rusty (the nurse with insulin pump) was excellent. We compared pumps and exchanged tips. I showed him how to run the CGMS, he wanted to know in case something happened during surgery and I was unable to take care of. I ended up sleeping through the entire thing. I woke up at 67 this morning, so I actually suspended my pump and took a glucagon shot. The took me up to 147 by the time I got to hospital. By the time I got to pre op I was 112 and sugar was dropping so I did a temporary basal rate for an hour at 75%. I didn’t want to do to much of a reduction because I was afraid of going low. Turns out the reduction wasn’t enough and when I got out of surgery I was at 73. Got up to my room and the nurse asked me what I wanted to drink, I told them regular sprite, she told me it was policy not to give diabetics regular soda. Number 1 my blood sugar was dropping, number 2 artificial sweeteners cause my sugar to spike worse. They called Dr. Markham, the anethiaologist and he told them that if I said regular soda to give it to me as I knew what I was doing with my diabetes.
Right now my foot is throbbing though even elevated and on pain meds. I hope it eases soon.

Hey! Cody, Glad you made it thourgh sugery ok with your pump. I was thinking of you. I can realate to the throbbing feet. Now just relax and get better. I am hopeing to go back to work next week. Take care hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:

Hope the throbbing ends soon - I’m so glad the surgery/pump/bg, etc went well.

Glad it went so well! Way to manage things!!

I am glad everything is ok…lol nurse’s grrr! some are great but some of them makes you go hummm?

HI there Cody I did know you were having surgery…Please get better and hope you are doing well now with your sugar.
God speed to you.