To all the Diabetics out there!


I have diabetes.
Type 1 I should say.
My body had a virus,
And my pancreas was its prey.
There was a battle inside.
A battle I could not fight.
My pancreas fought hard,
But the virus held on tight.
The ending was sad.
Poor pancreas fell to defeat.
Now I have to watch,
Everything I eat.
Insulin by day,
Insulin by night.
My sugar eating days,
Are now out of sight.
Testing is my preparation,
For breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
If I get a good reading,
I know I am a winner.
Through my days,
I have seen the good and bad.
All I have to say is,
Try not to get mad.
There are many people,
Like me and like you.
We have all been there.
You will make it through.

Aw great poem! Quite catchy! :slight_smile:

This is so beautiful,will you please put it also in Poetry Club.Member 100,welcome to the club.