To much insulin

To I was asked today by a couple what would happen if you took to much insulin. Im on the pump so never had happen. I know your blood glucose would drop low. but other then that I was undsure on how to answer. They ask me how would person act and what would happen to their body.

Too much insulin is relative. Insulin overdose could lead to seizures, coma & death. Using a pump is no guarantee.

Thank you for your answer. I was unsure how to answer couple who asked me. As you said yes I am on the pump and did have problems of blood glucose dropping low when I guess wrong on Carb count. From what I under stand the person they were talking about is not on pump.

What happened to you when you "did have problems of blood glucose dropping low when I guess wrong on Carb count"? Same thing happens to a person on MDI.

On (of all days) Mother's Day lat year, my wife was out and I and our two boys were at home (was a Sunday). I injected my 28 units of Lantus, and then did my 6 of Novolog... just after I did my Novo, it occurred to me that I had used the same vial. So, I did 34u of Novo! Holy heck -- the next several hours were wacky, that's for sure. I had no choice but to eat, and then eat, and maybe eat some more, and then have some OJ, and then, y'know, eat! It was crazy, but I made it through it. I felt a bit like I'd run a marathon by the time the evening rolled around and I was more or less back to normal. What a crazy day that was for me (and my family!). Had I not eaten enough carbs to offset all that Novo, I surely would have ended up in the hospital.

Oops. My bad.


Thank you very much

I am type 2, insulin dependent. I take alot of insulin even being on the pump.But being on a pump doesn't keep you from having lows. I have very few now than I did on MDI but on a trip to NC last October I was staying at a hotel that had a free breakfast. My blood sugars had been pretty good. I tested and I was 118 and figured 55 carbs for breakfast. Ok. I ate and as I walked up to the table to leave a tip for the attendant I had a low coming on. My legs felt tingly and I had a pressure in my head. I rushed back to the room and tested and I was at 50. I found some candy I keep in my backpack and treated the low. So they can come out of nowhere when you least expect it.

TY Richard.
I to keep sweets around the house. I am a type 1 with Multiple Sclerosis. I don't work at present. I do get the highs and lows that pop up on occasion. I live alone in PA with 2 dogs I have a sister who lives a few miles away. I can drive and can walk for a bit before MS balance problems become a problem