To my fellow women T1D (sorry fellas)

Now maybe this is TMI…but I haven’t been able to find much on this topic. Has anyone noticed increased insulin sensitivity during their menstrual cycle? I’ve been on the Omnipod for a short time and I just noticed this week (also that time of the month) that my normal insulin does seem to be too much. I’m not sure if they’re correlated or not but it’s definitely frustrating. Just looking to see if others have experienced this.

Check this out

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Thank you! that was helpful however I am having the opposite problem of what the article suggests.

I didn’t take insulin while I was having a period (LADA), but I would notice my BG would drop quite a bit right before I started. It was the only sure sign I ever had! So I would say yes, I would have been in the same boat.

Our diabetes apparently varies :slight_smile:


Some additional discussion

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We are potentially so different in our responses. For example my BG goes up when I take a hot shower, as much as 50-60 points in a half hour, most peoples drop. I drop during doctors and especially dentist appointments. During stress most peoples go up, I seem to mostly drop.

As @Jules says “Our diabetes apparently varies”!

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I’m with you. I’ve got a basal profile set up on my pump specifically for when I’m “broken”. It’s basically 25-30% more than my regular profile.

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Female hormones can have a huge impact on blood sugar that is not always perfectly predictable. For me, my insulin needs often rise and fall by more than 100% (more than double) throughout the month. It’s a huge challenge and I don’t have any answers except to try to track things, learn general patterns, and try to adjust as quickly as you can.

I think that the vast majority of women require more insulin. But, you sound like a tiger with different stripes.

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I for the longest time couldn’t put it together. But I ran low about two weeks before my period started. My major problem was my cycle had never been regular. 28 days one month, 36 the next or heaven help me having it twice each month. Such a nightmare. But after a few years, I finally started putting it together. I would typically run low midway through my cycle followed by higher levels once I started.
Once I went on a pump, I had separate profiles for period and non period times.
The joys of diabetes is everyone is different. Just because most need more insulin doesn’t mean everyone does. We are each an experiment in the making.

we definitely are experiments haha!

I noticed this too! I thought I was crazy but its a real thing.

I’m opposite and high two weeks before my period and go low during it. It took a long time for me to figure it out.