Going low during cycle

So a while ago(last month round the same time) My sugars were dropping and not coming up in type 1 and still probably in my honeymoon stage but I didn’t take and insulin for about a week n a bit, went to hospital they just did some bloods and I’m waiting for the results, anyway then It stopped. Well about 3 days ago I started noticing my sugars dropping in the same way they were before like especially at dinner time though no new routines to change my sugars, anyway I have linked this problem to my period. So before during and after my cycle for about 5days I just can’t keep a steady sugar, like I’m talking 1litre of Coke every couple of days, the what is wrong with me??? Any suggestions or actually anything like it’s affecting my mental health I’m getting so down emotionally and I’m anxious and I feel like my diabetes is controlling my life and I want to give up uhhhh

many women have changes in insulin needs over the course of the month. i always have to give myself more insulin in the week before my period and then less during my period and then two weeks of normality. i say always, but its not always, some months i dont go high at all the week before…

at the beginning, while i was in my honeymoon, nothing like this ever happened and then things started going crazy. i recommend that you keep a log with everything for the next couple of months. maybe you will be able to catch the patterns over a longer period of time. its really frustrating, but most of us have some kind of diabetes rhyme or reason that we can work with.

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It does seem related - anecdotally, I discovered I was pregnant after several nighttime lows in a row!

Quite normal unfortunately. I have very different insulin requirements from first to second half of my cycle. First half very little. Second half lots…,then it starts again. And it’s not the same every month.


From what I have gathered, estrogen can have a huge impact on your bloodsugar and can create insulin resistance or in your case insulin sensitivity. I tend to have high sugars the week before and require very little insulin the week of my period. You should be proud that you have figured out the connection. This is one topic the doctors failed to discuss with me! I would also recommend nutrient rich foods that are high in sugars liked dates or protien bars even Lara bars That ways your not overloading with empty carbs and more likely to stabilize those sugars.

Mine drops as well during my cycle. I set a decreased temp basal for the week, otherwise, like you, i’m sipping on soda for the entire period.

I am extremely insulin resist about 10 before I get my period and then immediately the day of… my insulin needs plummet incredibly! It is amazing how different all of our bodies are! Hang in there!

This is my pattern, too. Insulin resistant anywhere from 7-14 days prior to my period, then plummet the day before or day of my period, and then a week or two of “normal” before it starts over again. And it’s not always consistent, either. Sometimes I’m super insulin resistant, sometimes only mildly, sometimes I have a barely noticeable drop, sometimes I crash hard (like last night, 6-8 hours straight of a solid red line of dots on my Dexcom).