My insurance company seems to think that phone calls every so often is great diabetes education and follow up.

While the phone method is fine for some face to face works best for me.

In our area a hospital offers a wonderful resourse

The Diabetes Treatment Center

I took their education class and it really really helped me.

Would my insurance pay?

Nope not one red cent would they pay out for this

because their answer to educating me was pamplets in the mail

By the time I received those materials I'd been to class.

The hospital very kindly let me pay for it over time.

Much later on I begin receiving calls from the agency that contracted with my insurance company to provide education for people with chronic conditions.

Most of the nurses didn't have a CDE to their name.

I never got the same one twice.

One was just plain incompetent. She told me stuff I knew was wrong.

I complained about that one.

Well the insurance company is contracting with a new agency.

The old agency who I hadn't heard from in a long long time just happened to call with a survey.

I told them the insurance had sent me a letter saying they were going with a new agency to provide my diabetes follow up care.

I did his survery anyway and they got very low marks from me.

My insurance company will pay for strips but only the ones they approve. If you go with a brand you trust then you'll pay a sky high co-pay.

It will pay for A1Cs, 1 moniter in your life time.

I'm sure it will pay for amputations, kidney care, stroke care, and anything that might be caused by my diabetes.

I think it should pay for the follow up care that I deem the best for me which is face to face not someone on the phone who might just be an incompetent idiot.

Ok, I've vented and ranted.


Weight: 260 lbs. (Sunday is weigh in day.)

I deicded to peek at the scales and they show a nice loss so hopefully Sunday will be a good weigh-in

Exercise: I walked in my yard for about 5 mins.

Went to the store and spent about 30 mins there. I'd say shopping still counts this week and next. Week after next I won't be able to count it anymore since I won't be considered inactive.

Water: I will have 64 ozs by bedtime.

Food: I did really well with this.

I stayed w/i my allowed points. I stuck to my food plan and consumed the allowed carb choices.

Glucose Checks: I have checked my glucose three times. 97 Fasting/ 116 Before Lunch

132 2 hours after lunch.

While my BL and 2L readings were a bit higher than the last few days they are certainly very acceptable.


You're rocking, girlfriend.

Insurance--mind boggling, isn't it? My insurance company leaves me constant messages & sends letters because I haven't used their chronic disease assistance, which is speaking with a nurse to answer diabetes questions. Yeah, right. I'm going to call them so they can have a record about how I'm taking care of myself. No way.

My insurance has nurses call me, too. They ask me questions, and then we are supposed to make up a plan for improvement together. I basically have nothing to add, because the improvement I need is more exercise, and being as stubborn as I am, I will do it in my own good time. Then they ask me if I have any questions. Well, those got answered a long time ago, and not by company nurses. I have found fellow diabetics to be the best source of information I have ever had; they just don’t get letters after their names, and don’t get paid for it.

Natalie, I resent their intrusion into my life. The letters have a nagging tone. “You haven’t taken advantage of our service, so we’re contacting you to remind you, blah, blah, blah.” The letters also contain survey questions about how often I test, etc. Annoyed by their phone messages also. Calling an insurance company for medical advice is the last thing I’m going to do.

Thanks Natalie and Gerri.

That agency always seemed to have the attitude that they were in charge and my medical care provider was suppose to do what they said.

The whole call business was a waste of my time and the insurance companies money.