My Pump Issues!


Well it turns out are pump did not ship on friday I stayed at home all day waiting and changed my plansonly to have a phone call late afternoon. They said they were going to have a meeting between our insurance company and them (the company they use that does all diabetes supplies) about and issue they had with there last pump I guess they did not get payed in full but they would not be able to have the meeting till Wed. I said NOWAY I have a trial this week and then she gets it hooked up the next week I can’t put this off anymore WE have full approval and I did not under stand “needless to say I was very upset” I told her I would have to call her back. So I did and they were getting ready to have a meeting over the phone!!! (I guess she understood what I was going through) I did not hear from them Friday again I guess the office closed before I got a call back. So now I have to wait till the monday morning. I can’t wait to figure what the heck is going on!!! Anyone else ever seem to have tons of issues with not just one thing, I feel like everything is a battle. Oh well I just had to vent a little.


Hi Korin:

“Oh well I just had to vent a little.” After reading your post I can understand why. Our health care system, a for profit business, is ill equpped for displaying compassion and consideration. I hope things go better tomorrow.


Did you get your pump situation worked out? Hope everthing is ok.


No I was on the phone all day Monday from 8:00am till 6:30 pm last night I was actually at Wal-mart when I got the last call. Everything finally got worked out and her pump will be her Wednesday moring at 10:00 am they gave me full details. And then the next day is our trial for 3 days and next Tuesday Shelby will be on it for good. Thank you for asking I am feeling better now not so stressed!!!