Told not Diabetic anymore after A1c of 5.2

I have always had pretty good control over my diabetes. And I have been doing the low-carb diet for long time which my doctor never agreed with.
But today completly freaked out at me today... She said I probably don't have diabetes anymore or never did because nobody can have such low A1c's without constantly being low... which totally disagree on!!! So she decided I should just take a break from the pump... and she is not giving me prescribtions for any of my meds whatsoever... Have any of you guys ever had such a problem with your doctors? I am so frsutrated right now and frankly don't know what to say or do...



I'd run away from this doctor & find a new one pronto. She's clueless. If you weren't diabetic, using insulin would send you into a coma. Fabulous A1c, but it's due to your LC diet & careful use of insulin, of course.

Are you T1? In any event its time to go shopping for a new doctor. No point in getting too riled up about this. You and your previous physician have a difference of opinion, it happens. Hopefully you have enough supplies and meds to last until you find a new physician.

I once had my optometrist ask my A1C. When I responded 5.6. He said thats great and if you get my A1c even lower I would be cured. I had a great deep belly laugh and after I finally slowed down he retracted his statement. He only looks at my eyes and says, “no diabetes in this one,” so it is far less applicable.

Wow!!! I hope you'll file a report/complain to her medical board. It's serious that she would deny a diabetic their meds or say they don't have diabetes any more.

Yeah I was diagnosed as a Type 1 4 years ago... The problem is currently I live in Montana and there aren't many endo's around... Moving to Denver early next year... I hope I can find a doctor there who understands that you can have a normal blood sugar readings even if you are a diabetic. I am just so mad right now and can't believe she told me that...

Find another Dr...
My last A1c was 5.2 and my Dr. only told me how happy she was. Nothing about changing up my meds, diet (which is also low carb) or anything else. The only advice was to "keep doing what I am doing!" Run... Like Gerri said!

Congratulations on the wonderful A1C. I've read a lot of really ignorant comments by doctors here on tuD but yours really takes the cake. She should be asking you how you do it. Hope you have a backup plan to obtain your supplies until you get situated on Denver. Like Judith my Doc is supportive of my low carbing, it's hard to argue with the results. I think there are more and more low carb friendly Dr.s and hope you will find one quickly.

I too was frustrated by my endo telling me to back off on the insulin; she had me wear a constant glucose monitor for a week because she couldn't believe that my A1C level was 5%. So, I just decided not to see her anymore! My nurse practitioner agreed to take charge of my care as it relates to diabetes, and now she prescribes me all the things I need and takes my HbA1C and labs when I visit. It's truly made me realize that I don't need an endo, frankly. Hang in there, you're not alone.

Certainly find another doc in Denver, but what can you do in the interim? When will you run out of meds? I have been a PWD for three years without insulin - A1c of 5.1 for the last year. It was WORK. I can't ever cheat or forget I am a PWD for one minute. I'd be out of my mind crazy if anyone implied that I no longer had diabetes.

Gerri, you know they don't care. If it's not "their" way well something else has to be wrong. But what does a patient know?

You're so right, Deb. My doctor didn't believe that I didn't have frequent bad lows. I insisted & then gave up & shrugged my shoulders. Honestly at this point, I don't give a rat's behind what he believes.

Christina, congrats on an awesome A1c. Well done! I'd like to hear about your daily routine once all this is sorted out.

Re the Doc... I'd pursue any endo/GP that will write you scripts. I went to an endo that yelled at me, telling me my diet wasn't sustainable and I didn't know what the heck I was doing. Granted she'd been a Dr. for maybe 10 years, while I've been a T1D for some 27. She knew best, so I got my scripts and never looked back. They are good for a year depending on refills. Post that appointment I emailed Dr. B's publisher ( and asked for a referral in my area. I was pointed to a well known fantastic Endo who was a perfect fit. Supports low carb, is progressive, and communicates best via email/text. Point is, get your scripts however you need to and keep looking for a better Dr. Line something up in Denver and cover yourself till you get there. Remember, you pay them for their services, if you don't like the service, don't feel compelled to stay.

You need to find a new doctor asap obviously. Obviously you still need insulin to manage everything along with your diet. Even if you could do it without insulin I don't think it would be safe for you and you could lose what beta cells you have left if you start having higher bg again.

Was she the one who diagnosed you? She sounds crazy to me, so yes I would make a complaint and demand that she fill any rx you need until you find a new doctor.

I haven't had that problem and I hope I never do because that would seriously scare me if a doctor denied me insulin or whatever else I needed. This is why I believe these things we need should be available to us without rx and at very low cost or free.

Your doctor is WRONG! Diabetes cannot be cured, but it can be controlled. You are controlling it. Your doctor should know this. If possible, get another docttor. An Oral Glucose tolerance test would prove you still diabetic. You could ask for one

Run. Run as fast as you can.

There is no cure. Nor will there be until someone develops a practical, reliable, affordable way to grow new beta cells -- and probably not even then, as was discussed in Friday's videochat. Control is not the same thing, no matter how good it is. If one is diabetic, one is diabetic. Full stop.

And . . . before leaving this topic, I have to say that this doctor's behavior looks indistinguishable from outright incompetence. While I don't believe in suing someone every time they make a mistake -- that's one of the ways medical care got to be so horribly costly in the first place -- it might be worth letting this doctor know that denying meds to someone who needs them could easily have resulted in a malpractice lawsuit, and that you choose to refrain from doing that only because her intentions weren't malevolent, even though her advice was. You need a new doctor, obviously, and she needs a wakeup call. Consider her other patients.

I don't think a Oral Glucose tolerance test is proof. A Type 1 diabetic can have a normal fasting glucose. I have never tested above 100. I still produce residual insulin. In fact, Dr. Bernstein does not think highly of Glucose Tolerance tests as it can raise insulin resistance.


A OGTT measures BG several hours after drinking a glucose laden drink. If someone is abnormally high, he/she is diabetic. OGGT doesn't test fasting BG.

Until recently here in Britain, the OGTT WAS THE ONLY acceptable diagnostic for diabetes of any kind.
It is irrefutable and it doesn't matter what your nomal fasting is.
Incidentally, I read that Dr. Bernstein himself has an A1c consistently in the mid 4s.
David Mendosa has levels in the 4s too. I'm in the 5s
All of us are diabetic!

Until recently,the OGTT was the ONLY diagnostic test for diabetes of any sort jn the UK. It's incontravertible.In addition, it doesn't matter what your fasting is; or your current A1c, whilst on treatment.
Incidentally, I think I read that Dr. B's A1c is consistently in the mid 4s. He is stll diabetic.I'm in the 5s and I am stll diabetic. As a T2 I CAN manage without medication. If you are a T1 you CANNOT

So this is wonderful news, but your doctor sounds incompetent and dangerous. A good solution would be to expose the behavior. I would suggest that you contact a bunch of news organizations and let them know your doctor "cured your incurable type 1 diabetes." A miracle. Given them your doctors name and contact information. And then you can file a complaint to the MT medical licensing board for gross incompetence. And for final measure, contact the JDRF and let them know that your doctor found a cure for T1, I'm sure they would like to know, this could save them a lot of money.

And for final, final measure, contact your insurance company and file a complaint for gross negligence stating that your doctor has prounced your T1 cured and is denying you treatment. Demand that he be removed from any provider network and suggest that he be "blacklisted."