Tolerx Defend-2 Study - Otelixizumab

I have a 12 year old son that was diagnosed with Type 1 on October 27th, 2010. He participated in the Tolerx Defend-2 study and received his infusions Dec 10-18. Now is the waiting game. I found this site while looking for stories of others who had done the study just to compare notes ;). My son did not have much in terms of side affects. He was very tired the first two days. He said he had a headache a few times, but it was never anything that held him back. He did say that he thought he got the drug because he ‘felt different’. The week of the study his numbers were all over the place so I was very discouraged and thought he didn’t get the drug, but now he numbers seem much better than before and he even took as little as 3 units of humulog in the entire day a couple of times, so were optimistic again. Would love to hear your stories.

Hi, also check out the blog post “Howdy” by Sufu on this site.

What is the tolerex defend 2 study. Is that where they try to increase the honeymoon period?

Rich, yes it is where they try to stop the destruction of the beta cells with early onsite diabetes. My son got his first infusion 6 weeks after niagnosis.