5 months later

Today we got a call from Omnipod that my son was approved by insurance. We’ve ordered it and it is on the way. My older son and I also participated in the Trialnet study to see if either of us have the antibodies for Diabetes. While at the doctors office I had an opportunity to talk to the our nurse practitioner for the DEFEND-2 study. I was curious when we would see the data from the Defend-1 phase three study. She said she sat in on a conference call yesterday where they presented some of their results from the defend-1 study and it just appeared to not work at all. I find that very hard to believe. I ready the detailed report from the Defend 1 phase 1 and it appeared there was an overwhelming difference after FOUR years between those who got the drug and those that didn’t. How can it now be that it isn’t working. In the meantime, my son’s insulin requirements keep going down. Today he had no shot for breakfast and no shot for lunch and still went low before dinner (61). So I guess we may need to decrease Lantus again.

I just don’t know what to think about Defend-2! Samantha is using 7 units of Lantus & sometimes goes for days without using Novolog. But I don’t know if this is the honeymoon (this is 4 months since diagnosis) or if it’s because she’s so athletic or if it’s the otelixizumab. I think the drug is having some effect??

I think it’s a combination of everything. I think that our kids are having a great honeymoon, Sam clearly started hers even before defend. I think exercise is a huge issue, even when Reece has PE we see a big difference and part of me really thinks he got the drug and it is making a difference. We have the POD on the way, but I’m not sure about it really. Sometimes he takes no humulog during the day and other days he may take 2-3 shot. I only wish it would stay just like this for a few years. It will be heart breaking if this honeymoon ends suddenly in the next few months.