Top 5 questions to ask your endocrinologist

I read an interesting article a few weeks ago on the top five reasons why people do not ask their doctor questions and I got to thinking about what are the top five questions diabetics ask their endocrinologists during visits and if they feel they get the right responses.

my top five are usually

  1. how is my a1c
  2. do we need to adjust the medication
  3. test results from the previous visit
  4. any feedback to my management/numbers
  5. any new therapies or techniques to help my management go smoother.

please add yours and let me know what I am missing.

Ronald Gregory is a type 2 diabetic and a blogger for The poor diabetic a resource sharing The 10 critical diabetes tests your doctor should be performing

Checking on other things is important, too... Like cholesterol, etc. Ask for a complete metabolic profile every once in a while, to catch issues early, or a thyroid blood work. I always ask for copies of my test results so I don't have to rely on my memory to see how things are doing... Or keeping a little journal/black book with these things written down is probably helpful, too.

Yes, definitely get copies of all your blood-work and ask them to explain what it all means. If the doc doesn't have time, maybe one of his nurses can help in that dept.

anyone ever feel rushed by the doctor? I had one endo who had the bedside manner of a @$#$ don't even know what to compare to and she was always rushing me among other things

I think it's easy for both the doc and the patient to think that the only thing that has to be done, is to control bg's.

It's very easy to obsess over bg's.

But we are much more, medicine wise, than just our bg's and A1C's. And person-wise we're all much bigger than a couple pages of test results. Don't ignore all the other stuff!!!

@Tim I understand completely but diabetes is such a numbers game that inevitably we are pushed into the numbers game