Topamax, anyone?

Have any of you taken topamax for migraines? Has it affected your bs? I just started taking 25 mg 3 days ago and my sugars have been wild, maybe a coincidence? Thanks for reading and sharing. Any other side effects you'd be willing to share?

I have never noticed topamax affecting my blood sugars but the migraines sure do. I do get parasthesias on higher doses so it took a while to find the right dose for me. The topamax has been very effective however, glad I am on it.

I take Topamax, but not for migraines. I take it off label for peripheral neuropathy due to my rheumatoid arthritis. I was originally on Lyrica, but it caused a lot of swelling and water retention. I really like the Topamax, and I haven't had a migraine since I started it. In the past, all my migraines have been blood pressure related (hypertension).

I have noticed that my BGs have increased a little. Originally I was taking it twice a day, and then only once a day in the morning and my BGs were elevated during the day. Now my rheumy has me taking it at bedtime, and my BGs are elevated somewhat when I wake up in the morning. I would say by 10%.

But I would have to say that the Topamax is so much better than Lyrica. No more pins and needles, burning sensations, or numbness in my hands and feet.

Thank you both!

I haven't tried topamax. I read that it doesn't work for neuropathy but now that you said it helps you Kate I may try this provided it doesn't raise bg for me. I have mostly used imitrex or a pain killer for migraines lately. Imitrex is the only thing that knocks them out if they're bad.