Migraines and blood sugar levels

Doctors have recently concluded that some episodes that I have been having with temporary blind spots and numbness are atypical migraines. I’m having a hard time figuring out the triggers for these events, but one possibility is low (or rapidly dropping) blood glucose levels. Does anyone else experience migraines of any kind that they can attribute to their BG levels? I’ve never had migraines in the past (I’m 65), and while these episodes involve mild headache, they’re nothing like the severe headaches associated with migraine. Thanks for any insight about your own experiences with migraines.

I started getting migraines with colorful auras in my 60’s. I had several which were getting more regular the longer I was only eating 30 carbs a day. I ate this way for 11 yrs. I also started passing out when getting out of bed.

Both the migraines and the passing out stopped when I greatly increased my carbs. I went 3 yrs without a migraine and without passing out. Recently I once again passed out due to extremely low blood pressure and on another day I had a migraine.

I am 69 and have been a type 1 for 61 yrs.

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Marilyn, thanks for your response. I also have low blood pressure due to a kidney medication, and though I sometimes get dizzy when I stand up quickly, I have never passed out. However, the migraine with aura episode that I experienced Saturday was just after getting up from being on my hands and knees pulling weeds. In addition, my BG level was dropping at the time. My new physician has encouraged me to allow my BG to run higher than my prior goals, and I’m trying to be more careful during activities like yard work to make sure I don’t drop too quickly. Do you take anything for the migraines? My doctor has me taking sumatriptan at the onset of an episode and another pill if I develop a headache afterward. The episodes usually last 30 minutes to an hour in total, although the aura phase usually ends in about 20 minutes.

No I never took anything for a migraine. Although my head hurt, it wasn’t horrible. I think I took ibuprofen. The migraine I had this last fall was very unusual and I am still not sure it was only a migraine. I tested my blood and it was 123. I wanted to eat lunch soon, but
can’t eat when I am that high. I got out my insulin pen, but suddenly had no idea what a pen was or what to do with it. Then I couldn’t form sentences. Then I saw an aura and eventually I got a migraine. I thought that my sodium level had dropped dangerously low and my husband called an ambulance.

After an MRI of my brain, I was told that the whole episode was caused by a migraine. I have my doubts. That was 5 months ago and that is the only migraine I have had in almost 4 yrs.

I guess it is not at all unusual to pass out, once you hit 65, when standing up. My blood pressure only drops when I get out of bed and only once in the past 4 yrs. Your situation sounds different but manageable. If you are like me, you find it hard to think of yourself as a senior.

I don’t think my migraines had anything to do with glucose levels and I have not been low when my blood pressure drops. I keep an A1c of 5.2 and don’t plan on changing that.

@Jim2 - I have chronic, severe migraines and take a lot of medication / treatment for them, but my triggers definitely include low blood sugar, particularly lows that are those that you battle for a long time, e.g., waking through the night constantly to take skittles only to find you’re low again the next hour…

Sumitriptan (for me) can be highly effective, especially if you take it immediately upon onset of a migraine and don’t be shy about taking the second pill if the pain sticks around.

(I am not sure if I’m responding to a very old thread or if my computer is wonky – just got a new one and I can’t tell if it’s showing the correct dates on each thread! I hope you are feeling better!) Jessica