Yesterday I ate a turkey burger with two slices of bread (14 grams of carbs), a sugar free pudding pack (10 carbs),and string cheese, I was at 512 BS within 1 hour. Couldn't really figure it out, until I woke up with this nasty little summer time cold! YUCK :0( BS are OK today...but good grief.

That is really a high #, KML. Did you take the proper amount of insulin to cover the meal ? I have never had a cold send me that high. I am glad your BS are OK today.

Yea it was weird. But with colds I typically go high and then have to watch for lows. I re-calibrated my meter just to double check and it was still high.

You may have had more than a cold. If you are still having highs, time to talk to your doc I think.

No all is well, definitely a cold, just had an evening of highs and a slight high fasting number the next day.

umm dont eat bread at all maybe one slice ofwheat or eat the burger with veggies or sald chef i stay away from 10 carbs of pudding even sugar free i understand what happen if i eat bread it skyrockets so for going on three months no bread i use fat free and sugar free pudding instant make ur own use skim or silk almond milk lower carbs try that