Toujeo vs levemir and lantus

I need to get an RX for levemir as a back up in case my pump fails to the point of delivering insulin. But levemir isn’t on the formulary now. So my choices are lantus or toujeo unless I try to get levemir approved with a medical necessity letter. I was able to get novolog approved in the past and found out it’s now on the plan again. So I guess it could change for levemir too. I’ve used lantus before that may be the best thing if I can’t get levemir approved.

I’m nervous about having toujeo as a back up since I never used it and I think it’s longer acting. I wouldn’t want to switch to something I’m not used to at all in an emergency situation. The shots for basal were never stable for me and I’m surprised I survived mdi for as long as I did due to lows. The way my Bg jumped around was even worse than now. I’m just wondering how you managed on toujeo and how your Bg differed. I know it’s going to be different for me of course but it may help to get some feedback. Does it really last for 24 hrs etc and so on? Or is that the other newer longer acting insulin.

I was scared of Toujeo when I tried a pump vacation, but the Lantus failed me too. I definitely was going to end up needing two shots a day of Lantus. Gave up and ended up being allowed to get a new pump.

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Thanks Laura. When you say it failed you I’m not sure what you mean because of the two shots? I had to split my doses for both lantus and levemir too. It would only be until I could get a replacement pump shipped if the pump failed to deliver insulin. I’ve had three replacements so far but the pumps still delivered insulin so I used them until the replacement came. I’m glad you got a new pump.

Call me crazy but in all my years pumping, I have never had a backup of long acting insulin. The one time it took overnight to get a replacement pump, I just used my Humalog after talking with my CDE. Might not be a bad idea but it would expire long before I would use it.

My clinic had me taking one shot of Lantus and then Novolog. The one injection wasnt near enough and ran out every afternoon. So my BG stayed high all night. It wasnt successful, and I hoped it would have been.

If Levemir is not on your formulary, you can buy it for cheap from an online Canadian pharmacy.

Splitting lantus into two doses was helpful for me for that same issue.

Oh, I just managed to get my new HMO to get me a new Ping pump. So, no more pump vacations…at least not now. :slight_smile:

I would not want to try to manually inject my basal with novolog even for overnight. My replacements really took longer than overnight because they were not shipped immediately I think. One was in a weekend. That was shipped by courier and arrived on a Sunday. That was to replace the refurb the6 sent me that failed a few hours after I got it. It just occurred to me my Levemir expired 3-4 years ago and yes I do need a back up.

How much is it? I’m not paying more than my copay so I doubt it’d be cheaper than that.

You can get 5 pens of Levemir for $170

Thanks. I found it at one PHARM for 130 I think but my copay is only $20 for 90 days and I’d only be filling it every 2 years or so. I’ll prolly just try to get it approved or get lantus.

Side note, just for reference, the Canadian price I was quoting is no insurance, just a straight buy. Humalog and NovoLog prices are also comparable.

If anyone is ever caught without insurance and needs insulin, it is really cheap from Canada compared to what you might pay in the U.S. with no insurance.

Also, no hassling with insurance for approval.

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I got that. The price I quoted was also without insurance. I don’t consider it to be cheap though depnding on how much you need and even then. But it’s obviously a lot less than here out of pocket. But getting something through my insurance will be the cheapest for me.