Tour de Cure & A Lil About Me! :)

hello fellow tudiabetes members! i hope this blog finds you doing well. i just got done running 4 miles :slight_smile: i’ve been doing pretty good. my blood sugar levels have been running a little high in the mornings for some odd reason. it’s driving me nuts! a couple days ago, i got up & got my morning shower. i had a dizzy spell while getting a shower. it scared me a little. i checked my blood sugar & it was fine. i’m feeling loads better now though.

college is going well. i got my mid-term grades in and geology is kicking my butt! i just can’t get excited about the study of rocks lol. but i’m passing so it’s all good.

my tour de cure event is coming up! October 17th in Savannah, GA. i’ve raised $330. my goal is $500!

here’s my home page for you guys to look at and i would love if you guys would like to make a contribution of any kind!: (copy & paste into your scroll bar)

thanks guys!
much support,