Tour de Cure ride in Cleveland

Anyone here doing the Tour de Cure ride in Cleveland. I am. So far it has been a great spring to ride. My last ride was very similar to the 63 mile ride in the valley.

Yes I plan to ride. Just recently went to a Tour kickoff meeting in the valley and they are changing the routes this year. Boston Heights is punishing the Tour for leaving a sign up last year and won't permit the Tour de Cure through their community. How aweful! The new course is a figure 8 and will be alot of fun. CVCA is a great choice for the venue.I agree with you what a great start so far.

That is crazy!!! I liked the valley ride.

I signed up as well, BH can keep there stuffy roads! I'm excited for the new route and new host location! I know the TdC planning team had been catching a lot of flack from LiveNation after they bought out Blossom a few years back. Big National company wasn't worried about making things happen that weren't music related. I think it will be great!

Hey we need to ride together sometime.