Tour de Cure 2012

Cr88dle has already mentioned he's doing Cincinnati on June 16th. I'm registered for Skylands (Northern NJ -- actually, we're not that far north in the state!) on June 3, Andrew Poole has declared for Philadelphia (co-captain, Team Red Philly).

Please list your Tour or Tours, the date(s), and whether you are on your local Team Red or another team. (If you are unaffiliated, we would like to get you to join your local Team Red!)

  • Newark, DE on May 12th, Team Tosh
  • Philly on June 2nd, Team Red
  • Jersey Shore on September 15th, Team Red, but am co-committed to the MS Hops to Hops on the 16th, so may not ride TdC to save my legs for those H2H climbs.

Tour De Cure in Tucson 3/4/2012 new routes and New Belgium is a sponser that means beer after wards.
100k 50k and 20k routes. Got a deal going right now send me a note.
Join team Kent.

Kennebunk, ME, June 3rd 2012 on the WDH Cares Team

I'll be riding the century in the St. Louis TdC on June 2nd. I'm the captain of the local Team Red & invite any who want to ride with us to let me know. I'd like to ride in either the Louisville Tour on May 19th or the Republic, MO Tour June 23rd.

If I make my $1000 it will give me entry into the Jersey Shore TdC. If that happens (and I'm trying to make sure it does), I'll certainly want to ride that as well.

I'm doing the Metric Century ride on June 2, 2012 in Buffalo, NY as a proud member of Team Red. My goal is $500 and I'm half way there!

Skylands Tour de Cure (Basking Ridge, NJ) is having its kickoff party on 21 March at Sona Thirteen. The time is 6-9PM. Come meet the committee and other riders, and if you haven't yet, sign up to ride!

Houston, TX September 22nd, Team Red

I’m doing the Austin Texas tour de cure on may 5. I also joined team red this year.

Mari Ruddy wants me to be on hand for both take-off groups, so I'll be riding the 50 instead. Thinking about also riding the 60 in Prospect, KY on May 19th as well. Anyone from that Team Red on this list?

I'm toying with riding in Rochester, NY June 10th.
Still need to figure out how to juggle schedules, if I'm going to make that happen.

I'll be riding the "Silicon Valley" Tour on June 10th, on Team Red. My first TdC. Looking forward to it!

Northeast Ohio June 30th Team Red! Just linked up with someone who is giving me 10 CPAP masks to the first 10 people who donate $25.00 to me.

2 out of 3 CPAP users have Diabetes.

Princeton on June 24th: I've only been riding for 3 weeks, and I'm the slowest thing on two wheels, but very proud to be riding with Team Red!

Hope your ride went well! Ours was nicely-attended, and the Chipotle lunch delicious (but sent me into the bg stratosphere for much of the afternoon). I ended up doing the 30-mile as a route marshal. Not sure I did it well, because there's only so much policing that one person can do... and I do want these folk to come back next year (even the jack@$$3$ who don't understand "car back" and "passing left", or can't hear it because their iPod earbuds block out all sense of traffic). I want the money for the ADA to improve the lives of people with diabetes!

Sorry for posting late, but I wanted to add my rides for this year. Might try to do one more if I can find one to fit into the schedule.

I rode in the Madison, WI TdC on May 19th, 50k on Team Red
I also rode in Minneapolis, WI TdC on June 2nd, 100k on Team Red as well.

New England Tour de Cure -- this weekend! July 14 and 15! Riding with Cinco de Cure.