Tour De Cure & Team Fat Bird


On Saturday July 8th I'll be captaining Team Fat Bird in the NYC Tour De Cure. The Tour De Cure is the ADA's flagship fundraising event and it takes place in numerous cities across the country. I'm doing a 62 mile ride to help raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for Diabetes. If you'd like to help support this great cause please click this link. Or if you'd like to ride with Team Fat Bird please contact me.




I hope you have a great ride. Take lots of pictures. I can recommend Tabblo for displaying them afterwards. I used it last year and even got donations after my ride was over.

You can see pictures from last years ride that I did at:



How did the ride go? Was it a lot of fun? How big was the turnout? (Or maybe you’re too sore to type! :-})