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Hi, all:

I am a 59-year-old Type 2, diagnosed around 1993.

I recently changed doctors after a series of frustrations with my GP. My new GP recently started practicing in this area (Capital District, near Albany NY).

He has done A1Cs a few months apart and they were not good…both over 9. For this reason, he wants me to see an endocrinologist as soon as possible. The problem is that he is new here and thus has no idea whom to send me to since he has not yet established a network.

He is going to check around for me, but here are my questions for you:

  1. Does anyone here happen to be from my area and thus could refer me to someone they trust?

  2. More realistically, can anyone offer advice as to how to go shopping for an endocrinologist?


I posted about how I went about searching for an endo last year.


Yes, I would go to the endocrine group. there website is

There is like 13 endo's to choose from and they have there own foot doctor too. Ive been going there for a year now. I love it. They also have there own lab, Nutritionists. Check it out i recommend it.

Yes, I second The Endocrine Group! I live an hour away and pass several endocrinologists on my way there, but they are totally worth the drive. I started seeing Dr. Abelseth almost 20 years ago and she is still the best doctor I have ever had (even living in larger urban areas at times). The NPs and PAs I have seen are awesome too. There is a lab in the office, and you usually have test results back the next day. The foor doctor is very nice, too.

These people know what they're doing, and will fight with insurance companies or anyone else to get you what you need. They also are generally on time for appointments, and treat you like a person instead of a disease. You can also call and talk to a nurse at any time.

I don't know the other doctors, but I think the practice is great.