My transmitter expired and when I tried to order a new one their website. It said I wasn’t ready to order a new one. We already tried to change the battery in it to no avail. Do I have to return it back to dexcom in order to get a new one, as it didn’t last the warranty period. What do I do?

You should call dexcom support to report it failed under warranty. They should send replacement, and may ask to have original one sent back, and they pay shipping.

We tried to replace the battery only after it died. Would that void the warranty?

It might, but I would still give then a call. Don’t mention that, until they ask you to send it back.

Assume you are using G5. You got 2 transmitters, each should have warranty for 3 months, correct? Are you on the 2nd one when it died?

Correct. I actually was on the first transmitter when my Vibe got replaced with my minimed 630. I used the enlite sensors for about 6 months throughout the year for 2 years as it was kind of expensive. I didn’t like the the enlite sensors as they only went 7 days but on the 6th day I found it to be inaccurate. I also didn’t like the information it gave me, so I went back to the dexcom. By that time the previous transmitter was dead. The one I was using had also died. I find that the dexcom sensor can go for at least 3 weeks and still be accurate. The cost is also more affordable as I have no insurance for it, only for prescription drugs. I went on their website to order a new transmitter and it wouldn’t let me as they said it was still under warranty. I am going to call them tomorrow and mention that the batteries are dead and see what happens. Wish me luck!

The 2 transmitters I recieved were in March of 2018. Six months from that time would only be September 2018. Yet their website says it is still under warranty. I left a message with their system and they are supposed to call me.

that’s a big “10-4”. :slight_smile:


Sounds like the website data is incorrect, so best to talk with them to clear it up. Good luck!

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It was only because my creditcard number changed and I forgot to update it. The transmitter order was in their system but not processed. All is good now. I should recieve my transmitter in a couple of days. THANK GOD!!!

G5 xmitters are warranted for THREE months. You will be able to start at sensor on day 105 from the date of the xmitter’s first day. that’s presuming the xmitter doesn’t have a faulty battery, of course.