Travel to Bahamas

This is probably more of a general health question than it is a diabetes question.

I’m headed to Nassau, Bahamas in a few weeks for a family wedding. Nassau was not hit as hard as the Grand Bahama Island in the hurricane so the wedding is on.

Now I’m being told that a number of immunizations are recommended by the CDC for travelers going to the Bahamas—helitits, typhoid. I don’t think I have ever had any of these vaccinations. Are these really necessary?

Also, as a type 1 diabetic, are there any other concerns I should have going to a different country? This will be the first time I have ever travelled internationally.

I would like to know what others have experienced.

Thanks so much!

Yes, immunizations are like insurance you don’t need them until it is too late and dealing with many of the diseases are a huge pain due to the number of months often required to get back to normal plus doctor follow-ups, etc. Many of these are one time and will cover you for any future travel to areas that have health risks.

I was missing one of the recommended hepatitis immunizations for India several years ago and it took about 1 year to full recovery. As diabetics our systems are compromised so we are at greater risk than the general public and I learned the hard way recommended immunizations are well worth it. If my system was not compromised and I was just going to the Bahamas for 2 days and not planning any future travel and was generally in great health, I would seriously consider not doing the immunizations. As a 71-year-old diabetic, all my shots stay up to date.

The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for the Bahamas : hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia and influenza.


People are evacuating as fast as they can - by private boat, by volunteer cruise ships, by govt boats and planes and any other way they can. I would NOT go! Nassau is madness now. Maybe in a few WEEKS it will be different but now? No way. The stench of death is horrible. Bodies are everywhere.


That place is going to be a mess for months. I’d be very surprised if they allow tourists back until things start to get back up and running.

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If you are serious about going (and I would bow out if I were you), I suggest you get the vaccinations early on so, if you do get side effects, you will be over them before you go. I would also seriously look at that extensive list and definitely consult my doctor.

That said, I can state that I have been to the Bahamas (many years ago) without getting most of those listed vaccinations. Of course, I’d had all those childhood diseases already plus I did not have DM at that time. And it was not after a devastating hurricane.

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Nassau did not suffer the devastation like the Grand Bahama Island did. There’s a 100 mile difference between the two locations. The resort I am going to is not damaged and is open for business.

It’s only necessary when you need them, and you’ll never know when that is. In the Bahamas, you will encounter people from all over the world. I didn’t have them when I went. I was fine. I’d reconsider it now because of the way disease spreads after disaster (lack of sanitation). I was on a Nassau resort the entire time though.
Just carry your diabetic items on you with their original prescription label and you will be fine. It’s a pain to find glucose tablets or supplies there, so carry them with you IN YOUR PURSE! The airline lost our luggage…it took us 10 days to get it back, so be prepared!
Imagine living in a big hotel. That is what the resorts are like on the islands. Everything is very expensive…on-resort shops have very limited supplies except for souvenirs. Out of all of the countries in the Caribbean we visited, this was the one most heavily warned about…don’t go off of the resort unless you are well prepared to possibly be a victim of a crime. It’s not the charmed life we imagine it to be there, and with the recent devastation, the pick-pockets, thieves, and others will be crowded to the less hit islands. I did shop at the port, got my hair braided, and went right back to the resort. All of the food and drinks you’re familiar with in America will be available to you there. If you’re going to Atlantis, hit all of the waterslides and don’t miss the not-so-lazy river. My boyfriend broke his foot in half on one of the waterslides tho, so keep your feet crossed, hands in, butt up! Be safe, have fun, and double think the shrimp right now…just sayin’.

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All good advice. Thank you. Yes, I’m headed to Atlantis. I’m feeling good about us being there. I’m going to scope out the nearest hospital to there just in case.