Traveling with Insulin?

I’m going to be traveling for the first time with insulin (2 types of pens) - carry on. Any tips?
Do I need to put them in a plastic bag for security? Do I need my prescription?


Thanks a lot, Danny! Just what I was looking for.

I’m off to Colorado in a few days - I’ve missed it.

I highly recommend the FRIO insulin wallets. They are reusable and they keep insulin at the right temperature. I have used mine for 5 years!

Hey! Cheri, you should put all your supplies in a clear plastic bag including meter. And go in the medical line. Yes! prescription is always a good idea. i always put it on top of supplies and than in bin thourgh decter. It makes security less of a hassle. And if you need more supplies you have script just in case. And arrive 2 hours before take off to make sure you get to your plane. Happy flying…

I’ve traval quite a lot with my insulin,syringes, and everything else that goe’s with being insulin dependent. I put everything in one small bag that I could carry with one hand. I was pulled from line in the airport coming home,took to the side opened my one little bag, and was passed on through. Oh by the way I didn’t have to wait to go through the line with about one hundred people or more in front of me, I was able to go on in find good seat by the boarding gate. Insulin dependent is a pain, but you do get a brake every now and then. I always keep my little bag with me, never pack it. It makes travaling easier, weather by air,car,boat,or bus. Have a very good trip. Greg. diabetic since 1997.

Frio wallets are great. Best purchase I’ve made.

Take twice as much of everything that you’ll need. You won’t need your prescriptions for travel in the US, but good idea to take them anyway just in case you need a refill if something happens. You might want to take an extra meter battery, or change it to a new one before you leave. Had mine die at the most inconvenient time, but of course.

Ask for a hand-check, of course. You don’t want insulin going through x-rays. Meter is fine being x-rayed. I keep my stuff on top of my carry-on for easy access. TSA doesn’t care if it’s in a plastic bag like other things, but it does make it easier.

I bring food with me in case of delays & inedible airline food.

Have fun!

Frio insulin wallets are easy to use . I have two and it’s very well. Have a good travel.

Kristin -
I should have asked sooner - I don’t have time to order mail order. Is there a retail place I can get one?